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  1. FastLane

    4 stroke snowmobile oil

    What are you guys running in your 4 stroke snowmobiles? My Yamaha manual says 0W30. Lots of guys are running 0W40. What brand are you using?
  2. FastLane

    Nytro chaincase oil

    Is M1 75w90 fine for chaincase oil? It's for a 2007 Yamaha Nytro. Manual says GL3. I didn't think they made that anymore.
  3. FastLane

    Oil Analysis in Canada

    Where is everyone sending their oil in for analysis in Canada?
  4. FastLane

    2002 Mustang GT coolant leak miss fire

    I had a miss fire yesterday on the #1 cylinder. I scanned it and it was confirmed. I pulled the COP and spark plug. I put a new COP on and it ran fine. This morning it started miss firing again. I noticed my coolant level is low. I letting the engine cool off then I'll pull the spark plug again...
  5. FastLane

    Evinrude oil

    We just bought an Evinrude 135HO. Is it worth the extra money to run Evinrude oil? Seems crazy expensive for a glorified TCW3.
  6. FastLane

    2012 Volvo S60 service reset

    Anyone know how to reset the maintenance/service/oil change message on a 2012 Volvo S60?
  7. FastLane

    2010 Silverado rough cold start

    My truck has a hard time starting when it's cold. I believe once the O2 sensors kick in the cpu then adjusts everything and it runs great. Any ideas? I'm guessing an intake leak. I put new plugs and wires in it and it made no difference.
  8. FastLane

    Mustang auto dipstick removal

    Anyone ever remove the transmission dipstick from a 02 Mustang GT? I have the Ford service manuals and it literally says remove bolt. I can’t even see the bolt from all the stuff in the way. There must be something I’m missing here. I need to remove it so I can take the valve cover off. Any...
  9. FastLane

    Ford 4.6 oil pump pickup

    Im going to change the timing changes and oil pump in my Mustang. I wan to do the oil pan gasket too. There are two 8mm bolts on the pickup tube that attaches to the oil pump. Is there another bolt that holds the pickup tube to the engine block farther in? Im trying to remove the pan without...
  10. FastLane

    Cloyes timing sets any good?

    Are Cloyes timing sets any good? I was going to replace the chains on the Mustang 4.6.
  11. FastLane

    Mystik JT-4 Has anyone used this before?

    Canadian tire had this Mystik oil on sale. I bought a jug. Anyone using this stuff? <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>do/<wbr>product/<wbr>BOATING_PWC/<wbr>663095002</a>
  12. FastLane

    Mustang 4.6 oil pan gasket replacement

    Anyone changed an oil pan gasket on a 4.6? Not looking like its an easy task. Mine is leaking bad now.
  13. FastLane

    Tach cable lube

    What's good to lube a mechanical tach cable?
  14. FastLane

    Briggs and Stratton snowblowers

    Are B&S snowblowers any good? Do hey make them or is it a MTD built machine? Im debating of selling my MTD 8hp and getting a new machine. My Dad has a Poulan Pro with a B&S engine and I like it. That Briggs will destroy the old Tecumseh.
  15. FastLane

    4.6 oil pan gasket

    Anyone changed an oil pan gasket in a Ford 4.6? My Mustang is leaking and should be changed out. There sure isn't much room between the oil pan and the K member. I'm not sure if I can drop the pan enough to get the new gasket back in and under the oil pump. Doesn't look like much fun.
  16. FastLane

    MC FL-820S cut and post

    Off my Mustang. M1 5W30. No tears. Looks great. I’ve cut open so many of these filters from the posts from here. Not one torn. The filter was still half full from sitting for two weeks upside down. <a href=""...
  17. FastLane

    Tempest AA48110-2 Cut and Post

    Off my Cessna 150 Continental O-200A. New cylinder breaking in. 22 hours air time on the Philips 20W50 oil. The Tempest filter has a magnet inside to catch metal. Thick walls on the filter. I couldn't use tin snips so I had to hacksaw the filter open. The metal pieces is from my hacksaw job...
  18. FastLane

    Oil analysts in Canada?

    Where can you send oil samples too in Canada?
  19. FastLane

    FL-820S and Ecore's

    I've been following the whole tearing FL-820S stories here for quiet sometime. I just cut open 11 of the filters that were used on my 2002 GT, 2008 Ranger 4.0, and my uncles F150 4.6. My Mustang and my Dad's Ranger have always ran Mobil 1 5W30. My uncle uses whatever on sale. Of 11 filters...
  20. FastLane

    Champion or Tempest

    What do you guys use? I've used mostly Champion but have tried a few Tempest filters. I'm going to buy a set of sparkplugs and was debating if trying Tempest plugs.