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    Takata Seatbelt Recall

    It ain't nothing if there was a recall.
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    How much is a gallon of gasoline in your area right now?

    I saw $1.93 near me an hour ago. Most however are in the $2.05 to $2.29 range though.
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    Repair shops suck

    If by *ALL* you actually mean some, then I agree
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    WWYD - Customer won't pay for tranny swap

    Install customer sourced parts on a budget and win valuable prizes.
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    If corn is so bad why are we still growing so much of it?

    I seem to remember that it was perhaps the mid 1970's when Coca-Cola switched from regular sugar to corn sugar due to cost. Those were crazy, crazy times when it came to inflation.
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    Rental Review: 2020 Tacoma TRD 4WD

    Do you mean it can't maintain highway speeds, or you have to lean on the accelerator with a resultant downshift to maintain those speeds? Just curious as there is a difference.
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    If corn is so bad why are we still growing so much of it?

    Too much of just about any kind of sugar is not very good for us to consume. Too much of honey, cane sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup, molasses, maple syrup, apple juice, orange juice, etc., etc..... It is a bit of a fallacy to think that the "natural" sugars are okay but HF corn syrup is the...
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    Bench seats for taking some sweet young gal out on a date.
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    The Silverado saga continues!

    Back in the 1980's one of my fishing partners drove a UPS local delivery, all in a few Manhattan blocks. I believe his truck was about 25 years old with maybe 30K or 35K miles on the odometer. I suspect the current UPS fleet is on average newer than back then because I believe they converted...
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    Not quite sight unseen as you have a 100% refundable deposit if you don't like it after the inspection or test drive.
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    Nightmare winter commutes - got one?

    I believe I know the storm you got stuck in. My wife was 4-5 hours, I heard of a few people in the 7-8 hour range.
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    Home Heating Costs

    In the Metro NY area, 1,400 square foot house, steam heat on natural gas and two Window a/c units used at times during the summer we paid about 3,500 annually last winter for gas and electricity. We kept the temperature at 66F in the mornings and evenings when we were home, and at 62F the rest...
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    Rented a Chevy 1500, Really Impressed with Towing!

    Half ton pickups of today are no comparison for the half ton (and some 3/4 tons) of just a decade ago. Much better vehicles.
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    Mercedes Benz "new strategy"

    Seems to me these days, if you are semi-affluent, or better and not sure exactly what make of care you want then the overwhelming choice seems to be to get a new Mercedes. Buyers aren't that sure why, but some combo of safety, reliability, status, prestige, etc. is what gets them. All of the...
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    Full size spare? Donut spare? Or tire inflator kit?

    First choice is to sell it as is. If you insist on doing something, go back to OEM.
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    Why so short?

    Mine has a 7,500 OCI. I don't even start thinking about it until I hit 6,000 miles, then I figure I have some time to get it done at my convenience. I did need to leave it at the shop recently for 4 tires and front brakes. I had about 5,000 mile, but had the shop take care of the oil change...
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    Whatever happened to......

    Basic used to mean standard shift MT, no power steering, no power brakes, crank windows, no cruise control, no radio, vinyl bench seat and steel floors. Standards evolve.
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    Do you wear a seatbelt when riding in the BACKSEAT of a car?

    It must have been back in the 1980's when they passed mandatory seat belt laws. It took quite a few years before I finally relented and made it a habit to always click the belt as soon as I got into the car. It took a bit longer before I did it in taxis/car services etc. But eventually I...
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    People accelerating slowly from stops.

    Is the posted speed limit now the mandatory minimum speed one must maintain under any weather conditions? With bonus of course for going 10-20 over the posted limit. Else you will be tailgated, given the one finger salute plus a lot of other words that would be deleted if posted.
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    Wagon superiority thread

    I saw an older Lexus Wagon not too long ago, a rare sight indeed.