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    Tesla Model 3 Owners Only - Thoughts?

    Just test drove a "Standard Plus" Model 3 today with Autopilot. I have to say, it far exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed by the driving experience, the user interface, autopilot, acceleration, and how quiet it was. Any bitog Model 3 owners care to share your thoughts/review...
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    What's in your stash? 2019 Edition (include price per quart!)

    Be sure to include price per quart! Let's see who is the best Bitoger this go-around. 1 qt @ $5.50 - Castrol EDGE 0W-30 12 qts @ $4.40 - Castrol EDGE 0W-40 8 qts @ 2.18 - Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 30 qts @ 2.54 - Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5W-30 This covers 3 oil changes for the Mini and 4 oil...
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    Switching to C3 Oil (PP Euro L) for Gas-V8 BMW

    The N62/TU in my X5 has the typical valve stem seal oil consumption. I don't mind topping off regularly, but I want to keep the catalysts alive. I know the proper thing to do is fix/replace the seals, but the car isn't worth enough to sink that kind of money into the motor. Here's a brief...
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    PP Euro 5W-40 reformulated; now SN+, no more Ferrari

    The legendary "Ferrari" oil, PP Euro 5W-40 has been reformulated. It now meets SN+ and specifically states it's suitable for modern TGDIs and provides LSPI protection. It has however lost Ferrari/Maserati approval, and the specs have changed a little. New PDS: <a...
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    How do you dispose of used oil?

    How does everyone deal with their used oil? Our sanitation company picks it up from the curb once a month as long as it's in a clear plastic container.
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    At what point is an OEM required provide oil?

    For example, looking at the requirements for a 2019 330i (per the official BMW USA owners manual), you have two options: - LL-01 FE - LL-14 FE+ For LL-01 FE there is NO aftermarket option available; BMW TwinPower Turbo 0W-30 is the only oil that carries LL-01 FE. For LL-14 FE+, at least here...
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    PP no longer A5/B5

    There is a new PDS out there for PP 5W-30 (SN+, d1g2) and it no longer meets A5/B5-16. It only lists "A5" as the ACEA spec (which I don't think is allowed under the ACEA standard). I think this leaves Mobil 1 as the only big company that makes an oil that meets A5/B5 in conjunction with d1g2 and...
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    M1 0W-30 AFE... SN+? A5/B5?

    For anyone that's purchased M1 0W-30 AFE recently, has it graduated to SN+ and A5/B5 like the rest of the M1 lineup? It is d1g2 licensed, so I would assume so? Website still shows SN and A1/B1. Edit: noticed the PDS for M1 0W-30 states SN-Plus, but no mention of A5/B5. <a...
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    Where does XOM procure GTL used in its newer formulations?

    From what I can find, XOM does not have a large scale GTL plant like Shell or some of the other big hydrocarbon corps. However, most if not all of its recent formulations contain a good amount (~50%) of GTL. Does this mean it purchases from a rival like Shell or Chevron?
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    Always Check Your Oil Level After Dealer Change

    Only reason we had the dealer change the oil is because it was free. Finally checked the level (month later) and noticed it was overfilled by at least a quart... probably closer to 2 (should be 4.5 qts capacity). I'm betting it was enough to aerate the oil in certain situations... not good...
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    Costco Fuel is "Top Tier" Licensed... Pleasantly Surprised

    Noticed Costco Fuel station employees wearing yellow vests with a "Top Tier" logo on the back. Sure enough, Costco gas is Top Tier licensed. I really did not expect this. We've been using Costco gas exclusively (premium) for our vehicles for years now but always thought it was lower quality...
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    Valvoline SN+ AFS w/ MaxLife 10W-30, anyone?

    Looking for a VOA or UOA of Valvoline 10W-30 AFS with MaxLife (SN+ version). Curious if it shares the same add-pack (DI-friendly) as it's 5W sibling.
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    2016 Mini Countryman, EDGE 0W-30, 3,600 mile OCI

    First UOA from our CPO 2016 Mini Countryman S. This car has the 1.6L T-GDI N18 Prince engine. Mann oil filter used. Initial impressions, questions: - Where is the titanium? <a href=",_EDGE_0W-30"...
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    Looking for Good Value H8 49AGM Battery

    The cold weather has unearthed my next maintenance item... a new battery. Frequently getting a "High Battery Discharge" service message. The battery is 5 or so years old so it sounds about right. Battery needed is a 49AGM / H8 A few I've come across: - Exide Edge Flat-Plate AGM $190 (rockauto...
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    Updated Castrol 0W-40 logo/branding

    Looks like Castrol has updated the logo for EDGE 0W-40 to match their updated SN+ branding. They also put the manufacturer approvals on the front which is nice. <a href=""...
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    Liqui-Moly Molygen New Generation 5W-40

    I found this over on NASIOC (kudos to member Scuubz). This is Liqui-Moly's new line of motor oils called "Molygen New Generation." I believe Tungsten is also used as a FM and AW agent. <a href=""...
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    Timing Chain Wear, LL-01, and moly as remedy

    I found <a href="" target="_blank">this report</a> by Vanderbilt Chemicals in a <a...
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    What Redline 75W-110 looks like after 30k miles

    Did the front and rear diffs in my X5 today. Both are a pain... no drain plug in the rear and hard to access fill plug on the front. Redline 75W-110 was in there for 30k miles (previous fill was FF until 78k). Surprised how dark it was. The front was noticeably more brown in color. Rear: <a...
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    EDGE 5W-40 now in 5qt jugs at WM...

    And according to a Castrol rep, it will have MB 229.5 approval by October. Would not be surprised to see it replace 0W-40 (which is currently priced $2 cheaper at ~$23).
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    M1 10W-30 (non-GF5) High Mileage now SN Plus

    For those concerned about LSPI but want a proper 30 weight oil (10W-30 HM is a non-GF5 oil, HTHS 3.5), Mobil 1 10W-30 High Mileage is now SN Plus. I just had some delivered from Walmart for the Fall rebate and was surprised to see SN Plus on the bottle, even though M1’s webpage only lists SN...