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    Soft sidewall tires in 2020

    Thinking of buying new tires for the Maxima to prepare for the upcoming damp season. The Falken Sincera SN211 on there now have become too hard, and lose traction braking harder in the dry, and easily in the wet. I had some scares, don't want to crash the car. They still have thread after about...
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    Platform bed recommendations

    After a cal king and a regular king, I want to try something else, like a full. Kings are just too big for 2 relatively skinny people, plus you need a bedroom fit for a king, which is not the case. Bedroom square footage will be shifted from the bed to a desk. Plus I don't want to haul the Ikea...
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    Corolla towing - gear selection

    I'm thinking of towing a 800lb empty utility trailer(6x8) 400 miles from N California to S California going over the Grapevine. Passengers + cargo should be just under 400lb. The book says towing capacity is 1500lb. The car in question is the 2004 Corolla in my sig; it has a slushbox and an...
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    Who knows how to use this Honeywell thermostat?

    Moved into a new rental, and I'm strugling with this thermostat, what a PITA. I've successfully disabled the schedules after quite a strugle. Now I'm trying to change the default temp from 78 to something else. I know about the hold temp function. Anyone else have one of these stupid things?
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    towing: hitch ball mount tapered seats

    The hitch ball mount I have has a tapered seat from about 13/16" to 3/4". I just bought a 3/4" diam shaft ball, and the shaft is not tapered. I know nothing of towing yet, is this a safe combination? Ball is obviously inserted backwards in the photos, for illustration purposes.
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    Is this the correct way to mount these chains?

    I've bought some used chains, no detailed instructions came with them. I would obviously secure the extra link(s). The front of the car is to the left of the photo. The inner open link (not in the photo) opens towards the tire in the pictured configuration. Edit: No rubber is included (says so...
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    Is the iPhone 6sPlus known to have a weak ear speaker?

    Is the iPhone 6sPlus known to have a weak ear speaker? Coming from a 5s, the 6sPlus seems terrible.
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    [UOA] Castrol GTX Synblend 5W-30 - 5980 miles - 97 Maxima

    The oil in question is from the original AZ clearance some time ago. This is the second run of this oil. When I drained it, it seemed pretty dark and thick, but it sat for about 45 minutes before the OC. The sample was sucked through the dipstick with the engine hot. The filter used was an older...
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    Blue blocker glasses for night driving experiences

    I'm thinking of buying the Uvex S1933X for night driving as headlights have gotten pretty crazy these days (maybe 1 out of 8 cars are not blinding) and most of them have the horrendous blue tint, even truckers are doing it. I'm hoping some of you have tried the cheap Uvex S1933X or other blue...
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    [CUT OPEN] Microgard MGL51516 5k mi 04 Corolla

    This filter sat for 3 weeks before being cut. It filtered a mix of VWB 5W-20 SM, VWB 5W-30 SM, Smitty SuperS 5W-30 SN, Smitty SuperS 10W-40 SN and a 16 floz bottle of Rislone Engine Treatment concentrate for about 5000 miles. Drive pattern was mostly 11 mile one way commutes in SoCal traffic...
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    [pics] 2004 Corolla spark plug, piston tops

    This past Monday I changed the spark plugs on the 2004 Corolla with 202259 miles. The old plugs (NGK Laser Iridium) have been in use for 104559 miles. They came out easy from a hot engine, I installed them with copper antiseize probably at the specced 18ftlb. New Denso Iridium TT plugs went...
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    Coolant filtration: fuel filter vs synthetic oil filter

    I don't expect the filter to catch much in this 97 Maxima running Recochem red (but who knows what shops did to it for the first 112k miles); I blame wanting to do this on BITOG <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> I want to install it in the...
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    PS filter installed, 97 Maxima

    It all started after I saw a post about inline PS filters. After weeks of deliberation, waiting for parts etc., it is finally done. I used an Empi 9245 remote filter mount and Fram PH3164. Having the filter mounted base down, setting the fluid level was more work than expected; even after 75...
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    Name this older movie

    Made in 70s or 80s, it followed 2 orphaned boys eventually recruited by a (spy) agency. I'd like to say they were named Felix and Casper. I seem to remember they ended up fighting each other. An XJ12 made a short appearance. Who remembers the name of this movie?
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    Which barb fitting is less likely to leak?

    Which fitting is less likely to leak in an ATF hose application? I'm assuming that for the NPT threaded portion brass is better. Straight barb or jagged barb? <img src="" alt="[Linked...
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    What is the smallest remote filter mount?

    Is there a small remote filter mount which is suitable for running teacup filters like Wix 51394, Purolator 14477? The gasket seating area would require an ID of no more than 58 mm. The Wix 51394 gasket ID is 55mm and the OD is 63mm. I have tried fitting a Purolator teacup on a Derale 25708 and...
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    3/8" hose barb fuel filters

    I'm thinking of installing a fuel filter on the power steering return line. I know about the Wix 33033, Fram G15, ACDelco GF61P, Wix 33482. There are space concerns and I want the filter to have at least one end above the reservoir level (for less spill when changing the PS fluid), or the...
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    Denso Platinum TT for 2004 Corolla?

    For the past 10-15k miles the Corolla seems to crank about a second longer to start. Battery was changed last year, and it is running NGK IFR5T11 spark plugs (100k on them so far, 120k is recommended). I've got the spark plug change itch <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile"...
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    Cut open PL14477 5025mi 97 Maxima

    This filter was in use October through January, filtering a mix of QSGB and QSUD 5W-30. It saw about 2k miles of long trips, beside the usual 27 mile one way rush hour commutes. An oldie, but a near perfect one. The filter sat for about 2 months before the cut. Sorry for the headlamp lighting...
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    Cut open MGL4967 4877mi 04 Corolla

    This filter was in use September through March, filtering a mix of VWB 5W-20 SM and Smitty 10W-40 SN. The car is mostly short-tripped to work 11 miles one way, with a 800 mile trip thrown in. No tears, even with the bad pleat spacing. Some crud has accumulated in the pleats, but none at the...