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    can a family of 4 use 34k gallons

    of water over a 2 month period with no leak? i have a rental that according to the water bill they used 34k gallons of water over a 2 month period. 2 months because it a bi monthly bill. they are a family of 4 . the water itself was not too expensive, but the sewer was murder. basically $1...
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    ozone generator . good or bad ?

    thinking of getting one to put into my bag of tricks . i have read many positives and a few negatives. i will use to do cars and many some rooms in my rentals .
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    unlocking old ipad

    so i dug out an old ipad we had laying around. whne i turned it on it required it to set setup. it ask for a icloud id which i have, but i forget the password. try the password reset , but it ask for a birthday and i am not sure what date i put in. or it will send password reset to my icould...
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    fed ex price changing

    sent something to get repaired via fedex as they were the least expensive. said it was $14.30 on the website. sent out 5/26 . Got an email today saying they adjusted the price to $15.96 . if it was $15.96 i would have just used something else as that was about what the other quotes were ...
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    why don't makers use Stainless Steel

    for mower decks. seems that many rust out before the engines give out. my aluminum toro seems to be holding up fine after 20 years . i would think if they made them of SS that would cure the rusting issue
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    Do newer Hondas need special equip

    to do an front end alignment? drove my mom 2017 CRV and felt its got a pull to the left. i can feel it on the freeway mostly. the wheel is slight off center also. i asked mom if she hit a curb or anything. of cousrse she does not know <img src="/forums/graemlins/confused2.gif" alt="???"...
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    Eagle one Wipe and shine

    my bottle of TW SS is almost gone. I saw a few vids about Eagle one wipe and shine and decided i should try it. its only $7 for a 23 oz bottle so less per oz then TW SS. spray and wipe just like SS , but the after result was the paint was very slick. it was like beadmaker slick. i like...
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    Hyundai filters : should i get them ?

    my kids tucson is up for its 15k mile service . Service includes oil change /air filter and cabin filter. the oil filter i have been getting at the dealer so i can be sure to have paperwork in case. So should i go this route with the air and cabin filters also ? they are twice the price as i...
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    Walker BT ear buds

    saw these for a good price of 139.99 on both amazon and Midway. i always wanted a set ,but could not stomach the reg price of 299. at this price i bought a set. they must be closing them out because there is a new improved model. Go them yesterday and tried them out. paired easy to my phone...
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    dedicated drying towel worth the money?

    Been using old bath towels for years . they are getting worn out. thinking of splurging and getting a dedicated drying towel. they are not cheap though. recommend me one.
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    Allstate insurance. Are they ok?

    i have been with the same car insurer for 30 years . when i bought my new car are they raise my rates $600 . i got a quote from Allstate with the same coverage and it was $ 350 less per year. So how is Allstate to deal with ? your opinions please
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    Touch up paint

    got a couple of chips in my honda civic already. i was gonna get some honda factory touch up paint ,but some of the reviews on Amazon says its does not match well. one place i found online ask for a extra code. is the extra code really needed ? nh830m is the code for my car. so anyone have...
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    head rest stain. how to get out

    my daughter tucson has a stain on the passenger headrest. about a 4" diameter. looks to be some sort of oil . maybe from hair oil . i have tried to get it out with all purpose degreaser . even tried to suck it out with my vac. still there she has a light gray interior so i can still see the...
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    Why does no one rebuild Subaru CVT trans?

    before i bought my honda i was looking at a lot of Subaru outbacks with the CVT trans. What kept me from buying one was the CVT trans and the need to take it to the dealer to have it replaced at the tune of $8K . i called a few trans shop in the area and asked them if they rebuilt them. No...
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    ebay pre cut clear protection

    thinking of doing it for my civic. anyone buy one of the ebay kits? how well did it come out? <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=7bdduKe0NqQ</a>
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    Factory dash cam?

    its more common now to put a dash cam in the car these days. i have not seen any factory dash cams though. a few companies use cameras for some safety features, honda and subaru are 2. So i wonder how easy it would be to adapt those the cameras to become dash cams also. i also am curious if...
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    Degreasers : citrus vs others

    i have been using purple power as a apc for years. seems to work ok. i am almost out and thinking of trying the citrus based ones . So does one work better than the other?
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    What happened at Hyundai dealers

    I bought 2 Hyundai's last year from the same dealership and sales person. I was looking for a vehicle in late Jan and stopped by to look again . The sales guy told me that there was some kind of shake up at Hyundai goin on starting 2/1 So I go in again after 2/1 and ask for my sales guy...
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    New Hyundai recall

    Just got a call from hyundai to take in my kids tucson for a software update. Supposedly they are updating the software for the knock sensor . they also upped the warranty to 10/120 even for for the second owner or more i hope its not a dog and messes up the car <a...
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    Do you still use liquid and paste sealants

    After i discovered the spray and wipe sealants, all of my liquid and paste sealants are gathering dust. the new stuff is so much easier to use, and i can use it on almost everything without concern about white residue, So is there still any reason out there to use liquid and paste sealants...