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    2014 WRX T-6 5W-40 2900 miles

    Here is my yearly oil change sample. Disappointed that my silver is going up. I'm 52 and drive pretty conservative but do like to get spirited here and there.I do have an oil temp and pressure gage (installed at about 8000 miles) and there hasn't been any change there. Cold idle 103 PSI hot...
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    2014 Subaru WRX 3600 mi RotellaT6 5W-40 CJ-4/SM

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    2014 WRX Rotella T6 CJ-4/SM

    <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[773335963d1948629d]" href="" title=""><img src="" class="lb-image" /></a> I am...
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    Rotella T6 Multi Vehicle 5W 30

    I have been looking for this oil for some time now and haven't been able to find it yet. If anyone has seen it I would like to see a picture of the back of the bottle. Pictures please. Thanks