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  1. rob1715

    2020 Civic Cvt Transmission Maintenance

    I don't think there's a huge difference in 5k miles.
  2. rob1715

    Havoline's Synthetic Technology. How it differs from Synthetic Blend? (chat tech line)

    Synthetic Technology = marketing lingo blah blah blah. Havoline FS is as good as anything else and I wouldn't hesitate using it. Best oil is clean full synth oil with a good filter.
  3. rob1715

    Amsoil jumping into the VW 0w20 508 game

    I'll give Kia and Hyundai owners about 750 million reasons why they should be super-duper warranty concerned.
  4. rob1715

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 - No Dexos license

    PP is good. According to Blackstone labs, PUP does have "more" stuff but not so much that it would make a huge difference over 100,000 miles if a good OCI is done. Just use PP.
  5. rob1715

    Castrol EDGE does it all...

    "Finest" definition is different from one owner to the other. Does 1 ppm more phosphorus make a difference. Or maybe 2 ppm more calcium over 150,000 miles? Or 3 ppm Moly. Thousands of Blackstone lab reports have determined that using an API certified full synthetic right off Wally's shelf...
  6. rob1715

    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    Nope, and probably never will. We keep our cars too long to try that.
  7. rob1715

    Oil change disaster

    Wrong. I'm out of kitty litter and I can't find any. Thanks a lot 4260
  8. rob1715

    Castrol EDGE does it all...

    Lots of marketing talk but Castrol is good. In fact, any API certified full synthetic changed every 5 - 7k miles with a good filter will do the job just fine.
  9. rob1715

    Hyundai/Kia Transmission Fluid

    My 2019 Sorento still takes SP IV and the dealership only has SP 4M which is backward compatible. 4M doesn't have anything new, just a little more here and there of what it already has. I did a drain/refill about 6k miles ago and is working well. Maxlife is known to work, but I'd stick with...
  10. rob1715

    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    If you're doing mostly highway miles and extended OCI at 10k miles, according to hundreds of Blackstone lab reports virtually any API certified full synth off Wally's shelf with the filter changed at the 1/2 way mark of 5k miles will work. Amsoil is a good oil, I just feel the need to spend $80...
  11. rob1715

    M1 vs. PUP Observations

    Used up my last M1 that I scored at WM a while back and my 19 sorento burned about 1 qrt in 5k miles. Previously used PP and never had oil burn. Never was a M1 fan. More expensive and nothing to gain, IMO.
  12. rob1715

    How often are you cleaning your throttle bodies and what method?

    About every 50k miles. Remove the air duct, spray carb cleaner on a rage and wipe off what I can.
  13. rob1715

    Super Tech Box-O-Oil Experience

    I like the idea of the box thing. It's just my 2019 Sorento takes 5 qrts. on the nose so it's much easier to buy a 5 qrt. jug of PP or Castrol Mag and be done with it.
  14. rob1715

    Question: What REALLY matters for a motor oil?

    It's all important. Specs, additives, detergents, lubricity, viscosity, etc... We're westernized and people think what's the one thing I need to do in order to do something well. It's not one thing. It's a combination of little simple things done well that add up to a great product...
  15. rob1715

    P/S Flush

    Probably wouldn't hurt but hard to say if it helps. PS flushes are easy and pretty cheap to do. Every 50 - 60k miles. Says it calls for DEXRON II or III which is pennies nowadays.
  16. rob1715

    Oil recommendation for new Mazda MX-5

    PP, PUP, Castrol Mag, or another name brand full synth will work. At 5k mile OCI and OEM oil filter, when you remove the valve cover at 150k miles to replace the gasket, you'll be amazed at the nearly perfect condition it's in.
  17. rob1715

    Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 - Quality, Thoughts?

    Cool label. I'm sure it's good.
  18. rob1715

    Castrol Edge EP or Mobil 1 EP

    Either one will work. If the owner's manual calls for 0w20 then use that.
  19. rob1715

    Motor Oils Cool Your Engine

    This goes to show just how good modern oils are. After 150,000 miles and the valve cover removed to reveal near perfection with a good synth oil, OCI, and filter? And the oils keep getting better.