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    Hard Drive Upgrade

    kill 2 birds with one drive: get the large (1TB) SSD. divide into C for boot OS, D for storage. allocate the storage. I'd recommend 1. delete all the unneeded files (temps, HTML, downloads, old windows updates, etc) - use CCleaner 2. defrag your original C and D drives (feel good step)...
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    2011 Camry Oil Recommendations

    you may still have 2 problems: leaks, burns (due to clogs). one of my last cars went past 200K but had emissions very close to the limits. I used kreen, marvel, techron, sea foam in oil, gas where reasonable. this allowed me to rule out internal clogs and build-ups. it took months but it did...
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    Porter Cable 12V Batteries

    my experience was different. I have this Black&Decker weed whacker that uses 18V slip-on batteries. since I use them seasonally, the OEM batteries would fail after one season. and just past the warranty. then I tried replacing the batteries using Harbor Freight cheapy batteries and swapped...
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    Factory Head Unit/New Speakers

    need to determine whether it's the head unit's amp to the failed speaker, or the speaker is blown. if you can, pull the head unit, swap the left/right outputs to check if the "silence" swaps. if you replace one speaker, do the same for the other channel and use your equalizer to rebalance the...
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    Guidance on treating light rust on a undercarriage

    had this problem with an earlier car. Used PQR on critical surfaces (body panel and some joints) 6 years and still good. on other surfaces, I'd scrape/brush off rust and use Rustoleum and redo every so often.
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    Is There a USB of Bluetooth CD Player that Plays Over Car's Sound System?

    take any portable CD player, add FM transmitter to headphone output, power both with 12v adapter.
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    Exterior Home Security Cameras?

    I looked at dozens of cams. didn't like ones that had storage servers in china, charged you $$ per camera per month, etc I chose Sens8. cheaper for a set of cams than a single one with the "BRAND" names. storage on Google drive or Dropbox - not proprietary servers and certainly no charge...
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    Insta pots and air fryers

    air fryer is best for thin sliced potatoes that's in between roast and chips. with a lot less cholesterol clogging oil. instant pot has thousands of recipes - ones I like are the exotics. Benny #1 - automatic hard boiled eggs are perfect - no Sulphur smell and basket used to add cold ice/water...
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    How to stop corroding batteries?

    use vinegar and qtips to "cancel" the alkaline residual (and rinse with alcohol), then use a fiberglass brush to refinish the contact surface, then add grease.
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    Which rust converter for 2 places on this box truck?

    I used PQR15 on a dent that started to show a rust layer. without sanding, priming, painting, clear coating I simply painted with PQR15 over the whole area then applied touchup paint. the car spent 6 years in the rust/snow belts of the Midwest and is still holding up. I'd use PQR15 if it...
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    Recommend a great product for leather seats

    you will hear about all the auto leather cleaners. what I use is leather honey. on my shoes, old leather briefcases, belts, leather jackets, and car seats. It is not toxic (no gloves needed), wipe on and let soak in. excess where no longer needed can be wiped off and no need for hazmat clothing...
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    Most Durable and Dependable Cell Phone

    My moto Turbo droid 2 has shatterproof screen, still only needs every other day charging with 6 hour phone calls and will be 4 years old this Xmas. my next one is G7 power - gets you 4 for the price of the latest s10+/11 - and has the largest battery but no shatterproof screen. BUT as always...
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    How to uninstall program that won't let me?

    you can use a third party tool (free like CCleaner, etc) to remove OFC2003. you can also look into the free online version of Office. which can be better since it uses OneDrive and you get access everywhere.
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    Ryobi drill 14.4v battery

    I would buy non-OEM batteries. My Makita batteries from about 20 years ago couldn't hold any charge. bought 2 off ebay and they work. This is after spending time opening (and damaging) the battery packs and spending money on replacement cells. lot cheaper and better to just buy new. Also did...
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    P0420 and premium fuel

    I used to get these codes on a regular basis. I noticed over the last few years, the California emissions was going up - hc. I used a variety of cleaners for the gas and the oil. my guess the injectors were getting clogged. went away permanently after "cleansing" - car had over 200K. try...
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    Driver's seat is worn out

    cheaper solution: Costco sells a seat bottom that provides cushion and support. then there's a cushion for the back that has a strap that slips the whole thing over a solid back chair for bring-it-along back support. about 40-50 total
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    New Laptop Purchase

    not pushing brands - I have Mac Books and windows laptops/tablets. Look into a 2-in-1 where you have keyboard and screen in front of you, then the screen gets flipped around (keyboard side down and as base) you can watch movies on the couch. very hard to do with normal laptop orientation...
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    What to add to my gas on a 12 hr drive?

    almost all rest stops will have a selection of gas additives. put a different one in with each refill. then if you see an auto-parts store near that turn-off, then stop in and buy a different set of additives. this stuff works and have a safe, fun journey.
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    Going Against The Grain

    first off, this is the zeroth generation - starting out. there are so many mistakes deliberately made in the self-driving algorithms. there was a crash where control was passed back to a driver to avoid taking the blame for the crash that only a fast computer could avoid. Earlier a truck...
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    How much oil an oil filter contains......

    depends on the size of the filter - all my cars use the smaller filters about 4 inches high - I expect about 5-7 ounces. the larger GM filters seem to be at least 6 inches high and probably 8-10 ounces. why not try putting some oil in a filter, either measure how much it holds or weigh it. then...