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    Particle Size Filtration in Baldwin Filters

    I have a some Baldwin RS3518 (Freightliner) air filter cartridges that I plan to use attached to a dust collector in my woodworking shop. The Baldwin website has no details about particle size filtration...just efficiency w/fine dust(?size),load and pressure data. Does anyone know what...
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    When to change the oil in a lawn mower?

    Bror, Which Honda engine do you have and which ST filter are you using? $14 for a genuine Honda filter at the Simplicity dealer is a crime! I'm not sure that an uber-filter on my 16hp GXV530 is very critical. I believe it has a low pressure oiling system so most of the oil bypasses the...
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    Nooooo!!! Sludge in 97' Camry

    "ARX on such a sludged engine is just as bad as flush." And this is based on... Sorry but the evidence on this forum, the thousands of postings in the additive forum and my own personal experience directly contradict this staement. I don't work for AutoRX. Mark in NC
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    Nooooo!!! Sludge in 97' Camry

    I had the same situation as your cousin with my '97 Camry 4cyl at ~130,000 miles but was having some smoke on start-up, getting some blow-by smoke, a few engine seal leaks and an oil pan leak. After completing 2 AutoRx treatment and rinse phases (all w/dino oil) the smoking, leaking and power...
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    Gator Replacement Lawn mower blades

    Thanks Dave! Do you have any issues with clippings/dust exiting out from under the front of the deck? Lots of discussion about this here: <a href=""...
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    Gator Replacement Lawn mower blades

    tdimaniac, I have a 2004 38" Simplicity Regent w/highlift bagger blades and interested in the Gators. Are you using a mulch kit with your mower and Gators or just side discharging? Thanks! Mark in NC BTW...happily using 100% USA B100 Soy Biodiesel in my '96 Passat TDI!
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    oil change stickers...

    My method is to use a small rectangle from the sticky section of a small post-it note.
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    All VW/Audi BITOGers chime in!

    Daughter recently bought a '96 Passat TDI w/157,000 miles. Previous(orig) owner maintained the engine and other mechanicals very well as evidenced by an inch thick maint. folder but neglected the interior and exterior. So it needs lots of cleaning, door handle/electric window repair and a...
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    Pictures of what's in New Oil

    I can't believe no one has commented on the quarters. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ROTFLMAO!!!!! Thanks Stinky!
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    Mobil 1 Formulation Change

    I am ~1200 miles into my third M1-5W30 (15,000 miles, '03 Tundra V8)oil change and it is turning orange. Anyone else noticing this?
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    Good auto tranny cooler?

    Scooby, You may want to wait until you get the truck. It should come with a cooler and a transmission fluid temp gauge. I have a Tundra and haul a 5000lb trailer and have had no problems with the stock Trans cooler. No warranty problems to worry about either!
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    Delo 30 wt HDEO + Chevron 5W30 Mix

    Thanks guys! I'll keep the 30 wt for the mower and get the 15W40.
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    Delo 30 wt HDEO + Chevron 5W30 Mix

    I have not found the Delo 10W30 but found Delo 30W. I need to start a rinse cycle after the initial Auto-Rx round on a '91 Mazda Protege w/ 165,000 miles on it. This oil will be in during the winter in the middle of North Carolina with lows in the 20s. I really want the HDEO in there for the...
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    Getting black oil stains off new white concrete

    Walmart also has a product called "Revive-a-Drive" that I used for multiple old oil stains on a concrete drive and garage floor. Tried kitty litter, Superclean, Greased Lightning, oven cleaner and this stuff was the only thing that worked. Needs to soak into the concrete for a few hours, a...
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    How many people here prefill their filter?

    Check out this link for info on oil pump prime issues: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Topic being discussed now at: <a...
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    How many people here prefill their filter?

    On my '97 Camry 4cyl the oil filter is inserted vertically (open end down) so pre filling would make a mess. I usually crank the engine a few times (after filling and replacing the filter)to pressurize the system and then start it up. Never hear any unusual noises. On the otherhand, My '91...
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    $8.00 tool everyone needs for their Vehicle

    It's $2.49 on sale through June 28 for their "Father's Day " Sale. Flyer came in the mail and also available when you walk in their stores.
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    $8.00 tool everyone needs for their Vehicle

    How about a radiator fin straightner for $2.49? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Removal of stickers

    Try a hair dryer at it hottest setting for a few minutes. Should soften it up and able to be peeled off.
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    Oil thickining/ increased oxidation with Auto-RX

    Could be that your oil pressure sending unit has been dampened by deposits and is now clean. Might be also be a clogged filter.