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  1. paulo57509

    using 30 wt oil for hydraulic

    Yes, look at the manual. I have a Bishamon LX series lift table. It specifies SAE 30 oil. There's Wolf's Head in there now. My father had an engine hoist in his shop (rental purchase). I definitely recall the plate specifying hydraulic oil; NO brake fluid. I "think" dad topped it off with...
  2. paulo57509

    Say Goodbye to the Camaro.

    I never cared for the 5th-6th Gen Camaro. Good performance in a crappy looking package.
  3. paulo57509

    Third brake light always on

    I wonder if the high mount is wired thru the stop light switch? I'd start here.
  4. paulo57509

    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Even since I had a job working at a custom cabinet shop, I'm always drawn to them.
  5. paulo57509

    How would you defrost this SUV?

    Reminds me of one of my neighbors when I lived in Butte, MT. The crown of our street sloped down low towards the houses across the street. We had one across-the-street neighbor that refused to shovel their curb and after a few days of parking there, it created an ice rink. Then they would...
  6. paulo57509

    Decent air inflator

    I got this Campbell-Hausfeld inflator in 1989; analog gauge and red /white lights. It's dedicated to the Camaro as an emergency inflator for the Space-Saver spare. GM provides a can of air (that GM no longer supports and no one refills them), but that has always been a one shot deal. Mess up...
  7. paulo57509

    Ever seen someone driving a manual transmission who probably shouldn't have?
  8. paulo57509

    "Paper" ATF filter - do I really need to get it changed?

    I had a Lexus dealership parts guy tell me a similar thing. I wanted a filter for the A650E in the LS. He said they don't even stock the filter. Transmission service was just a fluid exchange; they don't bother with dropping the pan and changing the filter. "It's just a screen anyway..."
  9. paulo57509

    What are you working on today?

    The relay contacts look worse than I originally thought. I don't know how much wear is tolerable before starting becomes iffy.
  10. paulo57509

    Ignition switch?

    The ignition switch looks similar to the one I just replaced in the Lexus. Mine fell apart when I removed it from the lock mechanism so I figured problem was identified. It had similar symptoms as you're having. Unfortunately, after all the effort to replace the switch, it didn't fix the...
  11. paulo57509

    Soldering LED light strips

    My post was just to add general info, not to tell you where to set your temperature. Yes, soldering temperature needs to be set higher than solder melt temps because of heat transfer, etc.
  12. paulo57509

    Soldering LED light strips

    If you know your solder alloy, Kester has chart that shows range of melt temps.
  13. paulo57509

    Have you ever regularly used public transportation?

    I used to ride the commuter bus service that the county runs from Stockton to San Jose and a few points in between. Rode this bus for around 8 years. A monthy rider pass was around $130. I occasionally ride BART to the Oakland Coliseum and Cal-Train to Oracle Park. Tracy purchased some brand...
  14. paulo57509

    New tool thread

    This was on my ebay search list for a while. Showed up last week so I paid the $17. I don't even know why I wanted/needed this. Might have been for the can valve?
  15. paulo57509

    What are you working on today?

    Received a "Genuine" Toyota starter Relay from an Amazon seller. Yes, there's a risk of counterfeit parts when buying on Amazon. However, it appears legit. Amazon seller is JP-Carparts. As much as I hate throwing parts at a problem, I need to have the car driveable and this is the least...
  16. paulo57509

    1999 gmc Sierra brake stayed locked

    When you swapped the differential to get 4-wheel discs, what that the only thing you changed? I ask because there was a time when disc/drum systems used a different master cylinder than disc/disc systems. However, other than perhaps bore size, I wouldn't know if this would make difference or...