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  1. Speedbird001

    Jacking up my pickup to do brakes

    +1 on stands. 👍 for ditching HF ones. +1,000 on pin style I have a modified set of these
  2. Speedbird001

    Question about car that's been sitting 5 years.

    Sorry to add fuel to the fire l; I would be concerned that the paper/media in the oil filter had degraded and would be changing that for sure. Now I’m guessing you’re looking at a couple grand in body work. What’s a $50 O&F change on top of that?
  3. Speedbird001

    How many people are using really old PCs on a daily?

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but showing ~95G for iOS files; I assume that includes Office suite, Chrome etc. **** Documents: I try to upload the big ones to Dropbox, but still take up space... Running Catalina 10.15 but cannot upgrade to latest version. I guess processor is too old. I...
  4. Speedbird001

    How many people are using really old PCs on a daily?

    2012 Macbook Pro (middle of the road model at the time I think). Works ok still.... running out of HD space bad though... **** OS alone takes ~100GB. Gonna try and ride it out a little longer before upgrading to a new MacBook Air. They are $$$$; but have lasted 2-3 times longer than other...
  5. Speedbird001

    Tool Lubrication Spray

    Silicone [impregnated] towel. Intended for gun or musical instruments. Find them at like Brownells or Amazon. (Don’t smell, good ballance of protection and not too greasy residue).
  6. Speedbird001

    Lucus red n tacky or Mobil 1?

    I’ll never buy Mobil 1 grease in a tube again. Stuff quickly separates and leaked all over the place… I,ve been keeping my grease gun with it in a large drip pan. Have tried and Will use again, the red synth grease from F&T store. Did not have this problem when I used it in the past.
  7. Speedbird001

    $10 Charge to me for just paperwork?

    Yeah, looks like 5% of the total labor costs for shop fees/consumables. Standard surcharge these days I think (hidden charge) no way around it I think other than to ask in the future and build it into your pricing decisions
  8. Speedbird001

    New to me Snap-On EPIQ Roll Cab

    Makes sense. It was repo’d. Rather than sitting on a depreciating asset the sell it as a different deal and do what they are going to do with the guy that financed it. (Probably a corporate level deal). I saw some T&C of similar thing, if there is a revenue gap between your $5k and what...
  9. Speedbird001

    New Vehicle Undercoating - Cosmoline, Woolwax, Fluid Film, etc???

    For the most part, I’ve used Corrosion-X. The heavy stuff really sticks and lasts, but does not creep as good. However, IDK what happened, the last few can I got leaked like crazy around the nozzle and made a mess. Next go, probably using Cosmoline black
  10. Speedbird001

    What are you eating right now?

  11. Speedbird001

    OK folks! Change topic: From 10W-40 to 1040 Federal Income Tax. How do you file yours?

    1) What software do you use? Is it free? Or do you hire a Tax Pro Accountant to file it for you? 10 out of the last 12 years: Turbo Tax. This year it was $44 from COSTCO Twice tried free versions provided by the Army and TT; Did not like them 2) If you do yours, do you file it via mail-in...
  12. Speedbird001

    Grippy, rubbery material to add onto pump shotgun forearm ? [KSG]

    Appreciate all the feedback. Got some "Cats Tongue" once refinishing is complete will try it and report back
  13. Speedbird001

    Next New Oil You Will Try ?

    For the next differential change at 90k. Might try the Amsoil 75w-90 in the 1qt squeeze bags. Just because I think it is a cool good idea and probably won’t impact service life (been using Motul 300v @ ~$15/qt (God knows what that stuff costs now 😳)
  14. Speedbird001

    Post your current MPG

    2017 Tacoma Off Road (3.5L v6, 4wd, 6mt) aside from plate bumper and +1 size tires; pretty much stock. (Loss maybe .5mpg with new tires at 70k (heavier, 0.5” taller). Mostly use top tier gas; ~1/4 100% gas and 3/4 10% ethanol. Every single fuel-up listed below (Fuelly is great (I try to...
  15. Speedbird001

    Thoughts on Daytona 3 Ton Jack stands?

    Hard no. After their double debacle. Don’t get me wrong, I do buy some stuff from HF. But jack stands? Never again Recommended: (key is pins and vertical loading, not welds and imported medal of questionable quality holding in tension) - Safejack - 22T vertical pin style - Sunnex
  16. Speedbird001

    Power steering fluid for 1960's cars (specifically Mopar)

    It's been almost 30 years but 100% my '68 Charger definitely used and the shop manual called for ATF. Sorry, its been so long; I want to say Dextron/Mercron [GM] type... Were talking early/mid 90's, as I recall there was F-type, Dextron/Mercron (SP?) and generic ATF (Additionally, I recall...
  17. Speedbird001

    Hitch-mounted Vise

    Good point. I purposely keep mine on the heavy side. Actually have 50lbs or so of old weight plates in the bottom drawers for stability and make sure the wheels are locked.
  18. Speedbird001

    Hitch-mounted Vise

    Good reason to upgrade; I got an “open box” (return) HF Yukon 48” tool cart / bench with wood top for like $250. I added an additional layer of plywood under the top and mounted a COSTCO Vice to that. Works very well. You can get creative with hinges or a plate with nuts for easy removal...