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    Substantive differences between brake rotors

    I like Advics rotors made in the USA. Our Mountain rotors are made in Japan. See them for at Amazon or advance auto parts Both of these rotors are available for Japanese cars.
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    Honda Pilot Brake fluid change/flush

    I have done the solo method -- just crack open the nipple and gravity will push the fluid out. Keeping the reservoir topped off also helps keep the "force" to push the fluid out. +1
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    DOT 3 lasts longer than DOT 4 because it lacks the esters?

    Maybe dry 5.1. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    94 Honda Civic LX 1.6L Brake Master Cylinder

    I used a "Nissin" brand as a replacement master cylinder for my Acura. It was made in Japan and had no problems. I used the Nissin master cylinder in the 1990's.
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    Serpentine Belt brand

    I have an 03 CRV and can tell you that my serpentine belt is really tight to access. I first used a Goodyear segmented belt but the serpentine belt cracked in less than 20,000 miles. The area of the serpentine belt use runs hot. After that I used the Gates belt and never had a problem. I...
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    Shift Flare When Hot

    I used Lucas Stop Slip that seems to be the only band-aid that stops slipping in my 03 CRV. I had a 1-2 shift flare when started on the first shift. I was hoping that the 1-2 shift solenoid was bad but I changed it without any luck. Lucas stops the slip but I know this is only temporary and...
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    PTFE rear main seal installed NOT dry

    You would have got 1,000,000 miles leak free from the rear main seal. Because you greased the rear main seal, you will now only get 999,999 miles with no leaks from the rear main seal.
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    RIP Harry Anderson

    In 1983 I was walking around the children's gaming area at the Circus Circus Hotel/Casino in Reno, NV. I saw Harry Anderson, who was walking around with two other people, and asked for his autograph. Harry was very cordial and wanted to give me his autograph but both he and I did not have a...
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    Leaky head gasket on Cummins Dodge.

    I hope that head is not from China. I have seen some new replacement heads from China have strange problems (porosity leak, seats leak when new, loose guides, etc.)
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    Who likes To BBQ?

    You have a serious BBQer. You have a beautiful home, excellent landscape, and a dream garage!!! Enjoy yourself!!!
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    JCI to spin off battery business?

    I would like to see Tesla align itself with JCI in some form. Once Tesla gets on board, Tesla likes to keep its own name associated with a quality product.
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    2011 Charger 5.7L Hemi Lifter Failure

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Linctex</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Bad metallurgy/heat treatment of parts. </div></div> +1
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    My Suv had a heart attack, too much Bacon? Help!

    I'm curious if your thermostat was stuck open? If your engine took way too long to get to the normal operating temperature, maybe that contributed to the gel problem.
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    Walnut blasting dyno results

    The horsepower restored is excellent. Would an oil catch can help?
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    Another how do these plugs look

    One plug has a corona on the porcelain. The same plug also looks like it was burning slightly differently on the electrode.
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    My new Corvette has arrived!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your corvette is an eye catcher!!
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    NK 2222 Filter 7,000 Miles cut open

    Wow, it seems like your friend drives about 50,000 miles per year!!! Straight, evenly spaced pleats, and metal end caps. Keep on truckin!!
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    Honda K24 and oil burning

    If the rings are sticking due to carbon, you may want to try Seafoam. For about $10.00, Seafoam may fix your problem.
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    BMW Parts from China

    Hopefully the part is made with BMW quality control and to BMW specifications.