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    List an oil Additive you'd use / No Comments

    it isn't, modern engine oil has all the additives an engine needs. no owner manual on any vehicles i have ever owned recommended oil additives. in fact they often warn against using additives.
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    Cabin filter airflow direction question

    the last cabin filter I got for my sonata was a purolator and out of the box it had no arrow .. not sure why. in the past they always had a arrow.. but this one did not .. but the pleats are the pleats on that filter so it does not matter one way or the other.. now on our forester there is a...
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    What to coat battery post/terminals with?

    i just clean the post and cable with a wire battery brush once right before summer and once right before winter and they stay clean no corrosion and always get a good connection. i dont put anything on them . been doing this ever since my first vehicle in issues yet with corrosion or...
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    Who makes a decent printer these days?

    have an old HP 2540 deskjet.. probably cost $50 new. had it at least 10 years maybe more. when we had 3 kids in HS they would print a lot of stuff for school and we would go through 2-3 cartridge's a year that were $30 each.. now a ink cartridge will last us 3-4 years. about all we print is...
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    Bicyclists run over by teen rolling coal

    never ever heard the term "rolling coal" before ... but what sort of loser does that? I guess the answer to the question "can people really be that stupid?" is always going to be YES.
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    Horn Blowers Beware

    I don't honk at bad drivers, they are too arrogant to admit fault anyway and most times will blame you. I was mailing some letters and bills at a PO box afew months back and it is a one way . some moron comes driving down the wrong way as i was just trying to exit and of course in true...
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    stock market

    I remember the elderly Beardtown ladies from a decade or so ago who doubled up on the market most years. They had some investment books and they were big investers in consumer staples. type stocks and funds., medicine , building materials, paper, clothing toiletry items, soap shampoo...
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    stock market

    Wife and I likely wont make it in the millionaire club ,but we hope to be able to ramp up investing to the 1500 per month range and maybe slightly higher once the house is paid off and we dump SS retirement dollars into it. If we can stay the course, stay alive and healthy and "God willing and...
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    stock market

    I always learn something new when I look at the boglehead forum. I am not a registered user there, I just lurk and read topics as I see fit . Boglehead can be somewhat addicting at times,kind of like BITOG site, one topic of interest leads to another and another and another . Hard to just...
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    stock market

    I don't have the Boglehead books but have read many web pages about it. A quick search for "3 fund portfolio" brings up several. I recently discovered the "" forum . Lots of forums about investing and stocks and bonds and retirement etc. Similar in format to BITOG forums ...
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    stock market

    I Heart radio and Apple does have many of Bob Brinker's 'Money talk" radio programs in podcasts. I enjoyed that radio show. Though many of his guests were way way out of my league in terms of $$ , The investment advise Bob talked about works as well for a thousandaire as it does for the...
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    Vitamin D

    That is sound advice for sure. I think many people are likely low in vitamin D especially in winter and even in summer many people are not out in the sun and when they are they use sunscreen which blocks vitamin D production. Lots of research studies indicate that blood levels above 30ng/ml...
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    Vitamin D

    That is sound advice for sure. I think many people are likely low in vit
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    stock market

    Only reason I went with Vanguard was because I was somewhat familiar with the Money talk" radio programs and Bob Brinker. I think that Victory capital will see many, many former USAA mutual fund owners jump ship. I might have stayed with Victory had their ER not jumped up to 1.14. That is way...
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    stock market

    I retired in 2014 and no longer work or have (earned income) Just Military retirement and VA Disability , So I can no longer contribute to the Roth IRA which was in TSP C fund. We were able to max it out for about 9 years. No 401k either since i no longer have earned income so IRA will...
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    5w-20 instead 0w-20 ?

    You are in Turkey so I believe the temps you state are celsius, so 35C is 95 F and 0C is 32 F. At those temps I would just stick with whatever the Owner manual recommendations as the difference between 0W20 and 5W20 would be minimal at best. 32F is not cold.
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    Save the manuals?

    I am age 60 learned to drive on manual tarns. First vehicle I ever drove was a 1950 8N ford tractor I was probably about 10 -11 years old. grew up in Fargo ND and grandparents had a farm about 30 miles out. Learned to drive combines, tractors, windrowers, skid loaders motorcycles. It was a...
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    Workout supplements.

    unable to read that afr article, apparently one has to be a subscriber, but one can get plenty of protein with regular meals
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    Workout supplements.

    Exactly, my brother has been a correctional officer for over 2 decades and the prisoners do not get protein supplements or shakes or other so called strength building, vitamins, minerals and the like. They get 3 squares a day and that's it. Yet the hard core prison lifters are very very strong...