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  1. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Future of the F-15EX

    Linked article on the F-15EX (and legacy F-15C/D; F-22) by aviation writer Tyler Rogoway is very long, but very thorough. Discusses current acquisition plan, and offers several potential options for consideration.
  2. AdmdeVilleneuve

    What gas stations have free air?

    Not a gas station per se, but my two closest Lowe's in suburban Seattle have free air for "contractors." Have never seen anyone using it, so checked one last month just to see if it worked, and it worked fine.
  3. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Oregon ANG F-15 Honors 2ndLt David R. Kingsley

    The opening sentence in this article sums it up well: This is one slick looking F-15 Eagle. The paint job is not new, but it is the first time I had heard of it.
  4. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Boeing 727 thread (inspired from the Airbus thread)

    During the evacuation of Kabul last summer, a 727-200F based in Africa was enlisted to help out. The article reports two trips out of Kabul; one with 308 pax, one with 329 pax. Original reporting in The Mail & Guardian of South Africa is behind a paywall...
  5. AdmdeVilleneuve

    RIP Capt. Dale "Snort" Snodgrass

    A tribute to Snort by LCDR Joe Ruzicka.
  6. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Analysis of the Nimitz UAP encounter

    Readers of this thread with an interest in unusual UAP/UAS/Drone activity can obtain a thorough look at over 10,000 FAA incident reports with an interactive tool prepared by The War Zone...
  7. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Ward Carroll and 'The Final Countdown'

    The Museum of Flight in Seattle has an F-14A on display. Sometimes referred to by staff as "the movie star," it was in the dogfight scene from The Final Countdown. However, no victory marking on the nose giving credit for the A6M it downed...
  8. AdmdeVilleneuve

    UFO's and the NAVY

    Aviation writers at The War Zone have written dozens of thorough articles on the UAP/advanced drone encounters over the past several years. Linked below is from today (6/4) and discusses just how frequent these sightings are. Previous articles there have detailed not only the surprise...
  9. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Discussion on canning the F-35 for the US Air Force

    This opinion piece appeared in The Hill a few days ago. There is a rebuttal opinion by the president of the International Machinists Union appearing in The Hill today (3/30/21) touting the F-35 as a great jobs program...
  10. AdmdeVilleneuve

    MIG 21 spotted at small airport.

    If a MiG-21 is a thirsty option, imagine what Jared Isaacman has to spend each time he takes his large MiG-29UB (formerly part of Paul Allen's collection) out for spin around the neighborhood.
  11. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Military Avatars

    May I please have the Retired Military avatar again? USMC/USMCR 1968 - 1973; ARNG/USAR 1973 - 2003. Thanks.
  12. AdmdeVilleneuve

    A-10 Warthog-AKA-Thunderbolt II-Tank Buster

    Hopefully we can all agree this article's lead pic is plain awesome. And several with an A-1 Skyraider painted in Vietnam-era camo, too.
  13. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Discussion on canning the F-35 for the US Air Force

    Chair of the House Armed Services Committee using words like "rathole" one day after USAF Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown called the F-35 the "cornerstone."
  14. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Discussion on canning the F-35 for the US Air Force

    It is amazing to see what we pass up in order to acquire the latest and greatest shiny object. Astro14 has the link to The War Zone article about the Super Tomcat 21 in the F-14 thread. Add the A-7F Corsair II to that list...
  15. AdmdeVilleneuve


    Some photos in The War Zone article from 10/24/20 of the stripped down KC-130J fuselage that was involved in the mid-air collision last month. Pics were taken at Jacqueline Cochran Airport in Thermal, CA, after the aircraft had been recovered from the emergency landing site...
  16. AdmdeVilleneuve

    737 max... what now?

    Today (9/8) Boeing released August delivery numbers, and they included another 91 subtractions to the 737 backlog. There were 17 cancellations, and 74 that probably will never be delivered, so removed due to accounting rules. According to the Seattle Times, that makes 955 for the first eight...
  17. AdmdeVilleneuve

    can a family of 4 use 34k gallons

    If this is the same tenant you asked about last year, then the trend line is moving in the wrong direction. Their use is up 25% since spring of 2019. By chance does this tenant operate a laundry service as a side job? That actually was happening in a condo unit at the building my daughter...
  18. AdmdeVilleneuve

    737 max... what now?

    FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson has previously said he personally will be checked out in the MAX prior to approving its return to service. Have to wonder if he will even be around to make that call. As mentioned in the article, US Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) of Seattle is the ranking...
  19. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Hey Astro 14 Whats Your Take On This Fighter Plan Comparison?

    An Oregon ANG F-15C made an emergency landing at PDX 15 months ago. That aircraft was manufactured in 1978; 42 years old this year and still in frontline service guarding the PNW. By the time (assuming) the F-15X makes it into the USAF inventory, the author probably will have moved on to...
  20. AdmdeVilleneuve

    Airline Fleet/Management in a crisis

    I think Amazon would be willing to acquire any (e.g. United's) 767's for freighter conversion, and maybe FedEx would still be interested in converting some 757's. Anyone knowledgeable in freighter conversions know if there would be any interest in attempting a conversion on something small...