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    2023 Toyota Venza

    My only concerns as with any vehicle is the interior QUIET! I've driven so many vehicles that disappoint me/us when on the highway that they become a deal breaker. I'm not talking about engine or drivetrain noise(they're all quiet at idle). I'm talking about road noise at, Oh let's say, 65-70...
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    Yes, thank you I do realize this. (y) Yeah, we're not open to exterior/interiors color choices when buying a new vehicle. We get what we want or we don't buy. Pre-owned vehicles are different. You get what you get in that case. We enjoy a light(er) paint colors & interior colors due to summer...
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    Oil Recommendation all aluminum LS1

    WELCOME! I don't have any information for you but others will soon chime in with great advise.
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    Right! The boot area is more than large enough for us retired folks. :coffee: ;) Grocery shopping, vacation by car or even some smaller items from the BIG BOX STORES. The boot is large enough for us. (y)
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    There is a monthly subscription~$15/mo that we/us/you can pay an annual one time fee ~$120/yr up front which is le$$ overall than paying monthly. And it includes an app for your phone. I mean monthly…I may only get it for the winter months.
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    Yes indeed, I too liked the 1st gen VENZA because I like hatchbacks and wagons. We looked at other hybrid SUVs and my wife just doesn’t like the styles of them even if they a better vehicle.
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    What makes brakes wear like this?

    Too much lube inside the cylinder bore of the slider pins.
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    Our 3 choice colors with either be the pearl white met, champagne met or dark gray met. IDK the real names of the paint colors but you get the idea. I hope the white one comes in first. Our Lexus RX was pearl white and we both loved it. However we did specified light gray interior. Sadly...
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    2023 Toyota Venza

    After doing our automotive research for a new vehicle, my wife & I have narrowed down our choice to the VENZA and have put down a $500 refundable deposit(in writing) and have been put on a waiting list. Keeping in mind that this transaction is contingent on a test-drive and a look over. Not...
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    Window timer not working for one window.

    A small issue to be faced with and I know, I know, you want things to work as they should.:unsure: Could be in the door close sensor that is slightly out of position or the window master switch. The first thing that come to mind is to do a battery reset. And of course, you'll have to reset all...
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    Quaker State Ultimate Protection or Quaker State All Mileage Blend?

    I’d choose the full synthetic. However either would be fine.
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    Korean built vs North American built Kia's

    ^^^This doesn't give me any extra confidence for the Japan built vehicles when in fact, I've had better success/lower repairs on my Tennessee made Nissan's than even my Japanese made Accord, RX300, Mazda3. Now, I can't say that my Japanese built car issues were devastating or disastrous, they...
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    Korean built vs North American built Kia's

    I was looking at the new 2023 Honda CR-V's yesterday. And ATMOF, so was the 2023 Nissan Rogue. We're in the market for a new vehicle and my wife wants another CUV/SUV as she had once before in 2001-2015. Final assembly: Japan Engine: Japan Transmission: Japan
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    Korean built vs North American built Kia's

    My Japan built 2001 RX300 AWD(purchased brand new) was one of the most problematic vehicles we've ever owned starting from year 2. Yes, we kept it for 14 years and I fixed or had it fixed by dealer or private shop. If my wife hadn't loved the SUV so much, I would have sold it sooner. But, I was...
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    Transmission Cooling line leaking

    Until your leak is fixed keep some transmission fluid with you at all times. Also, most tranny leaks/lines can be fixed easily for the DIYer with fuel line, power steering line, or tranny line. I’ve fixed all steel lines with just the rubber tubing(suitable for these fixes) replacing the steel...
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    2013 Honda Accord 2.4L EU oil recommendations

    Honda’s will operate on any oil. If you don’t have an owners manual, you can google one and you don’t even have to download it. I do this all the time when looking for information on family/friends vehicles that aren’t in my possession at the moment. Use an oil grade for your the climate that...
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    Have you ever owned a "dream" car you really wanted?

    In addition: "Nobody is impressed with what you're driving except you."
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    Have you ever owned a "dream" car you really wanted?

    I've never really had the desire for a dream car such as a Ferrari or Lambo, etc, etc, etc. However, we've had some nice vehicles.
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    Are you happy?

    YES! Happiness is what you make it.