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    Who makes good alligator clip test leads?

    Here are the slightly bigger Mueller clips which may be more useful for automotive applications:
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    Who makes good alligator clip test leads?

    A lot of the cheap alligator clips improperly "crimp" the wire to the alligator clip leading to a poor connection. I put crimp in quotes because they actually just crush the alligator clip body around the wire AND insulation leading to just a pressure fit instead of a cold weld of a proper...
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    More new products from Turtle Wax

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the "Scott HD" channel on YouTube. He has a long term (1 year) test of various ceramic spray products.
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    Buicks new Logo

    The logo sure has evolved over the years. No doubt it will change again in the future. (I kind of like the 1905, 1975, and 1980 versions.)
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    Major flooding in British Columbia

    If the lake were to be restored, where would we put Highway #1? Looking at the geography on the map, I wonder if it was the least expensive way to connect the lands south of the Fraser River. Otherwise you would have to cross a bridge north to Hwy 7 and then cross a bridge back south...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2008 Subary Legacy 2.5i w/4EAT transmission. Used the cooler line return line method to replace most of the fluid with Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle. Flushed using three one gallon jugs. Guessing its the newer 7.4cSt formulation and not the older 8cSt one. This replaced Valvoline...
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    Looking for a Sil-Glyde replacement for brakes...

    Before choosing Raybestos DBL-2T for my Subaru's pin slides I was considering Toyota Red Rubber Grease but there seemed to be some debate even within the Toyota community as to which grease to use for the pin slides. That may be settled now (in favour of Red Rubber Grease) as X15 has done some...
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    Looking for a Sil-Glyde replacement for brakes...

    For caliper slide pins I have used Sil-Glyde in the past. Currently trying Raybestos DBL-2T (Silicone with PTFE) there. Would like to try a dedicated slide pin grease like Molykote G-3407 but cannot find a source. For the backs of pads, between the shims and pad backer plate, the contact...
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    Budget all-band radio?

    If you're only 5 miles from an airport and an aviation enthusiast, definitely look into an SDR receiver for decoding the ADS-B signals from airplanes (if you haven't already). Its interesting tracking the planes as the come and go. At one site near the airport (CYVR), I was even able track...
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    Budget all-band radio?

    Does it need to be a portable stand-alone radio? If you're open to using a computer instead, you might want to consider a software define radio (SDR) and upconverter. You'll be able listen to and decode just about anything that's not encrypted. There is quite a bit of digital traffic on the...
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    Get both. You can never have too many flashlights. :) If you haven't done so already, get a good supply of Eneloop rechargeable batteries to feed your lights. Keep a set on standby so you never have to wait to recharge. Alkaline batteries just aren't work the leakage risk.
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    18650 lamps are great when you need to turn night into day though. For example, some of my work colleagues like to go downhill mountain biking after work which, at this time of year, means riding in the dark. Here, the extra bulk is worth not crashing into a tree. That said, if The Critic is...
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    Heat gun recommendation

    It is indeed realy nice having a model that is fully variable. I can second the recommendation for Steinel but they tend to be pricey. If you don't need it right away and can wait for a sale at Canadian Tire, I have used this model at work and it seems to work well...
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    Robertson Screwdrivers

    We should all switch back to Imperial because it will better for when the machines take over the world. You see, in binary: 0.1 = 1/2 0.01 = 1/4 0.001 = 1/8 0.0001 = 1/16 0.00001 = 1/32 So, like metric, you just shift the decimal point. But, it will make it much easier for when all of us...
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    Correction: I have an Fenix HM23, not an HL23.
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    A couple of things to consider when picking head lamps is: (1) how much weight do you want to carry on your head? Headlamps that run on 18650's are generally going to bigger than lamps that use AA or AAA batteries (and often rechargeable models). There's a reason why 18650 head lamps generally...
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    Caliper slide pin

    Has anyone tried Permatex's new orange "Silicone Ceramic Brake Lubricant"? The marketing on their website states that it is compatible with most brake system plastic and rubber components. Purple and Green are now stated as being for "metal to metal contact only." I've had Purple swell the...
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    Is this installed right, a Mosfet?

    As nobody has responded here yet, you might want to ask your question over on the "Automotive Electrical" forum or even the "Mechanical/Maintenance Forum". Might get more "eyes" on it over there as I kind of view "Consumer Electronics" as discussing televisions and smart phones rather than...
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    Is this installed right, a Mosfet?

    Agree with Dave9 that based on the silkscreen on the PCB, the transistors appear to be in the correct orientation. With that in mind and from your description it sounds like the case itself is the actual heatsink and metal bar in the photo is primarily to pull the transistors against the case...
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    4th Gen Subaru Outback Brake Pads

    I'm running Raybestos EHT on the front of my 4th Gen Legacy sedan and like them quite a bit. My experience reflects what geeman789 said but without the squeal in reverse. They've been on the car for about half a year now and so far so good. On my previous car, an Impreza, I put Akebono on all...