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    Wheel bearing shot, mechanic is on medical leave

    I had a 1998 Forester. Same BS. Wheel bearings are not supposed to go out lol. Mine howled for months, I should of done them sooner. And btw, there are lots of honest and compentent mechanics out there. Find a backup.
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    Manually downshifting a Toyota automatic transmission harmful?

    Anytime you are inputting energy through a system you are creating wear. I'm much rather replace brakes 2x as often than risk wearing out a tranny.
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    Body shop using bedliner under the rocker panel after fixing rust?

    I'd like to know what this job is going to cost. Just curious.
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    small motors and a turbo = short life?

    But if it is finicky on maintenance that alone says something. Afterall I have seen naturally aspirated motors abused and still running.
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    small motors and a turbo = short life?

    Turbo lags most definitely did NOT die in the 90's. Go test drive a 2015 Chevy Cruze....with a manual. Man how painful that was to drive, every gear shift....wait for the turbo.
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    small motors and a turbo = short life?

    Speaking of turbo lag, and I know this is outdated. I rented a Chevy Cruise in 2012 qith an turbo and automatic. The lag was OK. Then test drove a similar Cruise in 2020 with a manual. Man the lag was SOOO bad. A manual will highlight the lag. Not a car I would purchase.
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    small motors and a turbo = short life?

    I don't care what anybody says, you add a turbo....more complexity and more likely to break down. Now you add the engine being smaller displacement AND turbo'd.....more stress on the mechanicals. Nope, won't last as long. Throw all thje modern engine oils at it you want.....won't make the motor...
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    Raw chicken wings warmed up to 50-55 degrees for a few hours, toss?

    Why did you check the beer temperature and not the wings with the digital thermometer?
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    Repairing a crankshaft broken in half

    Now THIS guys a true mechanic/machinist.
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    BAD movies.

    This would be a much shorter thread if we just asked, "what movies are good" :)
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    Pausing After Key On Before Cranking

    if that was necessary don't you think the engineers would of programmed that in?
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    General Motors investing $854 million to build V8 engines amid EV shift

    "double what we get".....from here? Ah no, we are about peaked out as far as efficiency.
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    Lifetime water heater vs standard

    Cold is something, as I age I am getting used to. It's just another layer to add to your clothes. The problem with Minnesota weather is we get excessive heat as well.
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    Lifetime water heater vs standard

    One other comment. What is the actual physical difference between the 6, 9 and 12 year warranty heaters. I have been looking and cannot find any definitive site that can tell me. Some claim the drain valve is brass on the longer warranty heaters, others claim more anode rods and better anode...
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    Lifetime water heater vs standard

    Yeah it's a lot of money. I plan to die in this home.....I am 63.
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    Lifetime water heater vs standard

    I am in the process of replacing a 40 gallon electric water heater. Looking at a Rheem. They offer a 6 year ($409), 9 year ($549), 12 year ($739) and a variant called a lifetime water heater ($1100) that is lined with some type of plastic that prevents tank corrosion. I am trying to understand...
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    Plastic Gas Can: Seal or Vent?

    Do you think your local gas station "vents" their cans? When you vent a gas can what you will lose are the most volatile parts of the gasoline. The lightest, most easily evaporable parts of gasoline are the most desirable for your engines. Leave a can open long enough and you'll be left with a...
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    Dealer says it's time for new brakes

    I had a similar incident with a car where my wife brought it in and as part of the service she requested her tires be rotated. Got a call from the wife, "they can't rotate the tires, not enough tread". Car had less than 28k on it. So I drive over and look. The tires easily had 8/32 and another...
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    almost a junk truck? what to do.

    Put it on CL.....but be honest. Someone who is handy may want it....maybe just for parts. BE will help you sleep at night.