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  1. terry274

    Looking at a 2020 Honda Pilot for my wife

    I'm pretty sure a 2020 will not have the 6-speed transmission. I believe 2019 was the last year for that transmission in anything.
  2. terry274

    Model 3 test drive March 25

    Today was the day of the test drive of the Tesla Model 3. We arrived about 20 minutes early, our instructions were to bring our drivers license and arrive 15 minutes early. The facility was new and quite nice. But new buildings generally are nice, hard to get that wrong. When I made the...
  3. terry274

    Model 3 test drive March 25

    It's a new Tesla center that is opening in Franklin. It is a new car but I assume we would be ordering a car if we decided to buy, I'm still very early in the learning stage. This test drive is really to determine if we want to move forward with this idea. On paper an electric car would work...
  4. terry274

    Model 3 test drive March 25

    My wife and I have an appointment to test drive a model 3 Tesla Saturday morning, March 25. The test drive will be in Franklin Tennessee. To those of you who own a Tesla do you have any suggestions of what we should look for? I will report back this weekend.
  5. terry274

    Laptop recommendation?

    Jeffkeryk recommends the Chromebook and he seems to be a tech savvy guy with lots of computer choices. It might not be what the OP needs but I would look closely and think carefully about that decision.
  6. terry274

    Ruckus r610

    I have a ruckus r610 access point ordered from eBay. I'm going to connect it to a amcrest poe switch and opnsense running on a Dell optiplex. I plan on running unleashed on the AP. Anyone have comments on ruckus equipment?
  7. terry274

    audio cardio tinnitus treatment

    @alarmguy You can send them an email explaining the situation. I'm pretty sure they will offer to give you the plan you want without you losing the money you've already paid. I had a question and they were quite responsive to me. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working for me so I'm giving...
  8. terry274

    Allow ringtone/vibrate but only for certain people (android)

    Vavavroom described it well. What model phone do you have?
  9. terry274

    09 Mini Cooper S...I hate this thing...won't start

    Yes he did. I hate it when people don't thoroughly read the original post...:oops:
  10. terry274

    audio cardio tinnitus treatment

    @alarmguy, you might be interested in the following website: I just found it today and registered.
  11. terry274

    audio cardio tinnitus treatment

    Ironically I had decided not to subscribe since I was not seeing improvement. As I navigated to the site to cancel my subscription I got a text to tell me my renewal has gone through. My tinnitus is worse at times. That makes getting an accurate assessment with the app difficult. So, I have one...
  12. terry274

    audio cardio tinnitus treatment

    My two-week trial will end tomorrow. I haven't really noticed any improvement. Here is my score from yesterday: As I said, I can't tell any improvement. @alarmguy, how is it working for you? Do you plan on paying for a subscription? I am thinking about purchasing a 6 month subscription just...
  13. terry274

    What VPN to buy that will make me look like I am in USA or Canada?

    Protonmail offers a free VPN that might work for you. You will have to sign up for a (free) email account. They also offer paid services if you need more flexibility.
  14. terry274

    EV Subsidies?

    My question was for all the people who say "end all subsidies". I think all subsidies should be ended, both oil and electric. But I freely admit there is a lot I don't know about this subject. I don't own an electric vehicle, but one would work for my usage scenario.
  15. terry274

    EV Subsidies?

    I don't suppose there is any way to calculate the subsidies oil companies get, is there? In other words what would the price of a gallon of gas be if oil companies had to completely support every aspect of their business.
  16. terry274

    Garage door cam help I have this and it works great. My garage door is a Chamberlain from 1993.
  17. terry274

    Weekend in EV skiing

    Thank you for a real world report of an electric vehicle in very cold weather. So much better than the "what if" scenarios often presented.
  18. terry274

    Finally got a car listed on Bring A Trailer

    I see the auction ended. Were you pleased with the price? The write up you did on BAT was very well done!
  19. terry274

    09 Mini Cooper S...I hate this thing...won't start

    If it's getting fuel and spark, the only thing missing is compression...right?
  20. terry274

    Toyota, why are you absent from the EV races?

    You come across as a bitter person. I'm not saying you are bitter, but you do sound that way.