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  1. twouvakind

    Who's still driving a stick shift daily?

    No DSG for me, CPO though with 84 month warranty.
  2. twouvakind

    Clear your siphon hole in the toilet

    I believe it was around the time manufacturers started laying claims to being able to flush masses of ping pong balls down their crappers with ease.
  3. twouvakind

    2023 Toyota Venza

    "Sadly, remote start is only for one year then a subscription is required after that if we want to keep it." Maybe your solution is (already) at hand when the "included" remote start discontinues working.
  4. twouvakind

    been getting a "flash" front and rear when taking the bridge home from work (E-ZPass lane)

    When the entry and exit lanes were equipped with message boards, you had ample warning that transponder was low battery.
  5. twouvakind

    Driver's weight and seat damage.
  6. twouvakind

    What is the riskiest used car to buy?

    One not CPO with 84 months of warranty.
  7. twouvakind

    used motor oil experiment

    Now get it change water into wine.
  8. twouvakind

    What's in a name?

    Seems like anything these days!
  9. twouvakind

    Google urges Android phone users to switch off Wi-Fi calling

    "But, the Pixel 6 and 7 were fixed." Check your build number, I am still rocking the old build number on my Pixel 7. Waiting on March security update.
  10. twouvakind

    Walmart clearance table Fram filters.

    Rt 501 Conway Walmart today, YMMV
  11. twouvakind

    Have you ever regularly used public transportation?

    New York City Transit growing up and into adulthood. Lot's of subway trips. Went on to work in the subway '89-'91.
  12. twouvakind

    Ever seen someone driving a manual transmission who probably shouldn't have?

    Commercial truck drivers at my former employer who, for whatever reason...continued to purchase manual transmissions for intra state use (class B stuff boom trucks etc.)
  13. twouvakind

    Ford F550 V10 6.8L does not start

    Got some help replacing the fuel pump with a lot of difficulty, (cracked connectors, spliced hoses) what do you hook up a fuel pressure gauge to? where is the outlet for that? You put passengers in this shuttle bus? Asking for a friend.
  14. twouvakind

    HELP! The car loan was denied after I already bought the car!?

    This, I think the dealer would much rather keep the car "sold".
  15. twouvakind

    Dump Truck Build: 2000 Mack DM690S

    Portable jacks, do they sync together when lifting?
  16. twouvakind

    O'Reilly's Disc surfacing

    The above almost sounds like manufacturers will have to rewrite the book on EV braking systems utilizing regenerative braking. That aside, good guide though a bit more detailed than what VW prescribes....ten 35 to zero moderate brake applications without stopping and wha la! You now have...
  17. twouvakind

    66 Valiant

    Post is losing worth by the post without pictures.
  18. twouvakind

    How are you most likely to buy your oil?

    Inevitably, a 5qt jug and a quart as I have a darn near 6qt sump.
  19. twouvakind

    2024 Chevelle SS

    Mecum calling!