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  1. RDY4WAR

    "What's The Least You Will Take?"

    When I get questions like that, I respond with a price ~20% more than my asking price. When they point it out, I tell them it's a service fee for dealing with their stupid question.
  2. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    Will do. Thank you.
  3. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    Yep, I'm going to have that done soon. I followed the rest of the wiring into the attic and down to the HVAC unit. I only found the one short but much of the wire insulation was rather brittle. I had to cover and tape off a couple sections where it cracked from handling it so it's definitely...
  4. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    UPDATE: I fixed the problem. I took @brianl703 's advice and went through the thermostat wiring again to make sure I didn't miss another short. Sure enough, I found another short, this time on the yellow wire. I cut out that section of wire, replaced it, and I'm getting cold air again...
  5. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    I just checked the condenser fan. The air blowing out is the same temp as ambient, it's not warm.
  6. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    The condenser fan is blowing air, but I didn't pay attention to the temp of the air. I'll turn the system back on and check that out shortly. Everything is cold and wet to the touch so I think freon may be fine. I'll check it out. Yes, it is a heat pump. So a short in that wiring could...
  7. RDY4WAR

    AC/HVAC Issue - AC blowing warm

    I'm having an issue with my home AC system and need help from someone more knowledgeable on these systems. It turns on and the fan blows fine. The condenser fan is running normal and the condenser is not frozen over. The condenser and plumbing to the condenser from the central unit is cold...
  8. RDY4WAR

    Overfilled engine oil. How much is to much?

    A 0.5 qt overfill isn't a big deal, but of course not ideal. Overfilling the oil increases the risk of aeration exponentially.
  9. RDY4WAR

    Truck was stolen while on family trip

    I personally don't rely on the police to find my stolen property. Police solve just 14% of stolen property cases. It's most probable the case ended up in a stack of low priority cases on some rookie's desk, and the vehicle was long gone out of local jurisdiction hours before it was noticed...
  10. RDY4WAR

    Truck was stolen while on family trip

    I can't offer any help with insurance, but I want to say that I hate that happened to you. I can't stand thieves. This is a big part of why I stick with older vehicles. The 2002 Tahoe isn't fitted with the latest and greatest tech, nor gets the best fuel economy, but that also makes it much...
  11. RDY4WAR

    how much oil does your disposal place allow at one time?

    I dump mine at the local county recycling center. Same as you, I collect and take it in a 5 gallon pail. They never say anything.
  12. RDY4WAR

    Supertech Advanced Synthetic 0W-20, 4,704 miles, 2021 Subaru Forester Limited

    Unlikely. Pennzoil has been regularly reported with less than API minimum phosphorus as well. Purolator (aka "tear-o-lator") filters aren't a good choice as they've been plagued with media tearing issues since they were acquired by Mann+Hummel.
  13. RDY4WAR

    Supertech Advanced Synthetic 0W-20, 4,704 miles, 2021 Subaru Forester Limited

    Iron is 2.77 ppm/1k miles which isn't great but acceptable. At 20k+ miles, the break-in metals have settled. Blackstone is incorrect about the viscosity where they stated... "The oil's viscosity meets specification for 0W/20". The floor for a 20 grade oil is 6.90 cSt. This UOA is just under...
  14. RDY4WAR

    2022 Toyota GR86, PP 5W-30, 4,291 OCI

    There's likely not a whole lot of residual factory fill as the additive content of the PP (Zn, P, Ca, Mg) are pretty much in line with virgin content. There's always some residual, but I don't think that's the main factor here. Even if 20% of the sump is residual oil, that wouldn't drop PP all...
  15. RDY4WAR

    Pennzoil Platinum HM 5W30 VOA

    That looks pathetic. The TBN is low even for the D4739 method that Blackstone uses. The phosphorus is well below the minimum for API and well outside ICP margin of error. The KV100 is 8.92 cSt which makes it a 20 grade, not a 30 grade, so it's already out of grade in virgin form. I would ask...
  16. RDY4WAR

    Valvoline VR1 Synthetic Racing oil (black bottle)

    That is hogwash. You spoke with some marketing meatbag, who likely doesn't know engine oil from olive oil, and is just feeding you a line of crap off a piece of paper. If you dump that oil, you will just be wasting good oil. That small engine doesn't care. This is a big reason I can't stand...
  17. RDY4WAR

    Valvoline VR1 Synthetic Racing oil (black bottle)

    I agree. It's overkill and not needed. If the OP has some of it laying around though, there's no harm in using it. My small engines get HPL HDMO because I have a good bit of it on the shelf.
  18. RDY4WAR

    HPL vs TGMO

    After the 15% discount code and including shipping, it's not quite twice the cost. HPL also has 0W-16 in the premium line. With that extra cost, you're getting a more robust DI pack with a starting TBN near double that of the TGMO. Combined with the higher end PAO/POE/AN base oil blend, this...
  19. RDY4WAR

    Oh oh, more Ultra drama

    That's a bummer. All of this talk about filter wrenches, I don't even own one. Even with 20k mile intervals, I can remove the filters by hand. My filters are also out in the open and easily accessible though. I would rather have the grip.