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    Think of getting a bike, whats a good 1st ?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Reg# 43897: <strong> Pretty much true in a real-world application Dub... Particularly the bit about the pain. You gotta be flying on most squirtbikes for the weight to be taken from the wrists (R1's, 6's and Ninjas, etc.). Not that they are not fun -...
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    Think of getting a bike, whats a good 1st ?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by FordFasteRR: <strong> if you plan to ride in the city, go with any cruiser that suites you ... here is my take on cruisers.. #1. weak brakes. #2. crappy tires, little traction. #3. bad handling, turns like a boat... #4. sound like junk #5. twin...
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    GC Gold in a 2002 Honda CRV? Do I dare!

    <blockquote>quote:<hr /> <blockquote>quote:<hr /> Get over your GC fetish, it ain't the end all be all.<hr /></blockquote><img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="images/icons/confused.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="images/icons/confused.gif" /> <img...
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    04' Mazda Tribute w/ Duratec V6.

    didn't think so. Thanks for the confirmation. sdude: i'm jealous of your mpg numbers. i'm getting 21 mpg in my 6. i almost went for the 3.
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    04' Mazda Tribute w/ Duratec V6.

    resurrecting this one .. I have a 2006 Mazda 6 with the 3.0L Duratec V6. The car calls for 5W20. Is there anything I can hurt by using 0W30 GC? I have 12 quarts waiting for the next 2 oil changes.
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    GC around Pittsburgh, Pa??

    I drive past the AZ in Mckeesport every day. Stopped in today and picked up their last 6 quarts of GC. Must be new stuff, it's M053. I didn't have to dig, it was right up front. After the 6, I started hitting the domestic Syntec.
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    GC around Pittsburgh, Pa??

    it's M052XXX oh well. Any GC is better than no GC. It's all I can find in the area.
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    GC around Pittsburgh, Pa??

    FOUND IT!! I just bought 6 of the 10 qts of GC at the AZ off the Butler exit on the turnpike. I was up there for fire school and decided to stop on a whim. Sure enough, the first 10 qts on the shelf were GC. Behind that was the domestic stuff. I don't know if it's the green or the gold. I...
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    I bought my first bunch of GC Green!!

    The Pittsburgh area has no GC, green or gold. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" />
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    Glock cleaning solution

    Hoppes to clean it and RemOil for lube. Shooting cleaner ammo helps too. I changed from Remington white box to Blazer CCI (actually cheaper when you buy it online). Big difference in the residue left in my gun.
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    Glock 32

    My carry piece is a Glock 27 (.40 S&W). I'm a big fan of Glock. Before I bought it, I shot Sigs, Berettas, Springfields, and 1911's, and the Glock came out on top for me. Not to say the others aren't nice guns. I was particularly impressed with the Sig, but I just like the feel of the Glock...
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    GC around Pittsburgh, Pa??

    McKeesport doesn't have any. I was just there today after work. I could have saved you the drive out to Latrobe. I checked that one a couple weeks ago. No go. I've yet to find the stuff in the Pittsburgh area. It's all domestic.
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    GC price in my area

    at least you've actually seen a bottle. i've hit a few auto zones in my area and none have GC.
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    Mobil 1 for my Diamond in the Rough

    the 3.0 Duratec in my Mazda calls for 5W-20. That's what it gets. No complaints here.
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    5w20 users, Car, Mileage, OCI

    Almost 900 miles on my 2006 Mazda 6s V6. Just had her first oil change yesterday. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" /> Castrol GTX that I got on sale. Next planned change is at 2500 miles, then at 5000 I'm switching to synthetic and doing 5000 OCI.