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    good by wawa hello costco gasoline

    the wife and i tend to fill up with costco gas or tier one that is closer our costco is almost an hour away so its a twice a month deal so i guess its 50/50 use for us but always shoot for tier 1
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    The return of the SuperTech oil filter at WalMart.

    good to know about these the last couple changes i've done myself i used purolators due to the made in usa and i thought they were good filters i will give these a go believe on the wifes car we had to track down a special order rather expensive ac delco...
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    How often do you change your cabin filter?

    when its dirty i don't check it every oil change but every couple we do a lot of country driving not dirt roads much but living in a desert and farming area its worth doing but i can easily go past 15k so id say every 2 years for me should be fine they are cheap enough i used to do it far more often
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    How low do you go?

    i am used to a 3-5k change on my vehicles and that is usually still what i do in my 05 malibu with the v6 however in the wife's turbo eco cruze we just went down to 12% i wanted to do it sooner and will next time after seeing what has happened to audi and subaru id rather be overly cautious
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    California to ban plastic bags

    I live in california and am way ahead on this one I shop with reusable bags or use boxes (some stores recycle them that way for you to use) and when I do use plastic I make sure to bring it back to the store or use it around the house
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    premium fuel in a DI engine

    my 2012 focus has DI never ran anything other than regular in it did fine and got 45mpg on one trip
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    Pure Gasoline vs 10% Ethanol in older vehicles

    we run 10% in our 81 ford f150 and have done so for a few years now no problem we could seek out the few places in our area that have pure gas but they charge more
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    KOHLER vs. Briggs and Stratton

    500 hrs is the best they expect? Granted I never operate more than a few hours at a time usually just a half hour but I could see being pretty [censored] off if I killed my 300 dollar mower in a few years...
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    toro mower ?

    going on 2-3 years now how often should I be changing the oil and filter? I do both yearly in spring thats it. The engine has been mowing a normal sized yard now for over a year not the acre it used to. Weekly. It seems to have developed a tick...
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    Best cheap lawn mower

    glad I didn't buy a troy bilt back in 2012 I've had my toro the last 2 years or so with no work just oil and air filters each season. The first year it mowed an acre twice a week and now takes care of a normal sized lawn no problems kohler engine. Up until this mower we always used craftsman...
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    Cell Phone, Internet. Minor Addiction or Epidemic?

    its pretty bad people can't get off phones to watch a movie or spend time with other people I'm not that bad (all the time...) I'm still able to cut myself off in fact I went a year without a smartphone recently and have gone a few months with no internet so I think I could do without both no...
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    2014 focus engine tick

    I owned one for a short time. I admittedly drove it hard and for about 10,000 miles before hearing any tick and was told it was normal. In my opinion still a pretty quiet engine though especially at idle anyway I also hate the way the tranny shifts in these
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    What is the reason behind "better" reliability

    aisin has shown up in fords like the fusion and are quite good. The taurus was a pos when it came to trannys and I've heard impalas can be iffy to. I've never heard anything negative about ZF trans
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    European delivery program - anyone use it?

    I've never used one but would love to visit germany whether it be for a mercedes or porsche <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    Im likin' Meguiars

    meguiars is my go to brand still haven't convinced my armor all loving father but I refuse to go back!
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    Snow tire/made in USA rant

    I used to buy hankooks and the like or toyo asian brands and I believe asian made. I finally bought a set of goodyears I believe are american made? its the fuelmax line. to my knowledge goodyear is all thats left for the most part at least as far as major brands I've been told coopers and...
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    Does anyone else reuse charcoal?

    haven't done it yet but was wondering the stuff gets expensive after awhile so I'm gonna start doing this!
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    what happened to Mr. Goodbar?

    they are still all over here in california.
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    Mercedes Benz -- YAY or IXNAY?

    old mercedes sure new not so much. I like how the old ones drive and they are built like tanks. Diesels especially. My parents book keeper has owned hers since new 30+ years with no major work done original high mileage engine and trans. Body and interior are [censored] nice to. Everything...
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    UOA article - how Blackstone processes UOAs

    thanks for this now that I'm changing my own oil I plan on getting one of these done to see how the engine is doing