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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Got 6 PurolatorTECH TL14610 Oil Filters for $2.40 each from Amazon, 2 arrived today, 4 more still on the way.
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    Fram Extra Guard going to Metal End Caps?

    Are Fram Drive and Extra Guard the same filter? Wonder why drive doesn’t have the 10k rating if that’s the case.
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    Fram Extra Guard going to Metal End Caps?

    I purchased one but did not get a new build date where this change happened. I got an old style. It was cheap though, only $3.5
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    Fram Extra Guard going to Metal End Caps?

    New video showing the case. Looks like champion making the new Frams.
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    Fram Extra Guard going to Metal End Caps?

    Saw this video where someone cut open an PH7317 and it had metal end caps and ecore. Apparently they got it from Amazon, so I don’t think it should be counterfeit? Also no silicone ADBV, but I’ll take this instead since Hondas have filter under the engine. I bought one from Amazon to check, will...
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    Castrol Edge 0W20, 4264 mi, '18 CRV

    Go with 0w-30. There is a rebate on mobil 1 right now, $8 back per 5 quart. 0w-20 for this engine is asking for trouble.
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    Fuel contamination in a new RAV4 Prime PHEV. Thoughts? Advice?

    I bought a syringe and just suck the extra oil out of the dip stick tube.
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    I changed the oil without changing the filter?

    Soot is most of the time too tiny to be captured in the oil filter (< 20 microns), so it should be okay. The best way is to open up your oil filter and check it out. But if the goal is the save money, I would use the $3 super tech 9688 filters on every oil change, rather than $10 fram ultra...
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    0w30 or 5w30

    You can do an engine flush if you know that your car was well maintained. Most common burning oil is because of carbon build up on on the oil control rings and the holes get stuck with sludge due to the high heat in that area. If it's not well maintained, or you don't know the history, the...
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    '22 Accord Hybrid - 70% Oil Life @ 4k+ Miles?

    Follow the light. Use a premium oil like Pennzoil PUP and a premium filter like Fram Ultra and just follow what the car tells you. Honda's MM system is pretty smart and takes into account how many cold starts, short trips, etc. I follow it on my CRV with no issues. Engine looks clean as the day...
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    Your Favorite Non - OEM Air Filter ?

    Frame Ultra for everything.
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    The New Fram Ultra......

    If you have a popular filter size, like 7317 or 9688, chances are the metal ones are already gone. :(