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    John Deere JA65 push mower blade clutch: rebuild/reline?

    Believe it or not, it looks like the cheapest replacement is to go directly to the Warner web site (cheaper than Ebay, Amazon, etc.). They sell their replacement clutches directly. JD is sky high. Warner blade clutch 5915-17
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    John Deere JA65 push mower blade clutch: rebuild/reline?

    Hoping to remove and disassemble the blade clutch in the next couple of days (will check to see if it can be adjusted first - nothing looks obvious so far). Service manual ordered as well. I will report back with what we find - thanks.
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    John Deere JA65 push mower blade clutch: rebuild/reline?

    Greetings: My son recently picked up a really clean John Deere JA65 self propelled push mower with a cast aluminum deck and a 6HP Briggs Quantum engine. It has a Warner mechanically applied blade clutch on it (expensive part) rather than a typical ignition cutoff and flywheel brake as the...
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    Buh Bye Rain X

    It is still around. This one is available in a bottle or as a spray: Gel Gloss glass wax
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    Napa Gold FIL 2095 air filter

    Yes it is. Purolator's number back in the '60s - '80s for that filter was AFP-74 before they went to their 6 character alphanumeric part numbers.
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    New tread pattern and deep siping of UNIROYAL Tiger Paw Touring A/S...

    I believe the original tires on your 442 were about 27" tall (the aspect ratio back then would be about an 82 series). The closest thing available in a modern, non-specialty classic car tire that is closest to that height would be a 215/75r14 or a 225/70r14. Here is one of the few 215/75r14...
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1956 Chevy 210 4-door sedan

    That looks like a fun driver. It appears to have likely been a 265 V8 car from the start based on the V emblem on the hood (and the holes for the missing top part). 6 cylinder emblem: V8 "V" emblem...
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    Looking for feedback on the 3.6L and transmission in a Pontiac G8 (Holden)

    I believe that the 3.6 liter V6 from that time period is known for timing chain and oil consumption issues. There is a lot of talk on the 'net about these topics.
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    Interesting classic car channel..

    I love that channel. Cars like the ones that he has in his collection are the "real" cars that were so common in the '60s through the '80s and have been given too little attention by the automotive community IMHO. I especially love his "Hawaii Five-O" '67-'68 full size Mercurys and the teal...
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    Last vehicles sold without an oil filter?

    Yep, the 1979 VW Beetle Cabriolet was probably the last car sold in the USA that did not have an oil filter - just that screen in the sump to clean. The Mexican air-cooled Beetles did eventually get a spin-on oil filter that I believe was mounted on a boss that was cast as part of the oil pump.
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1968 Dodge Polara 500 2-door

    Great car. Same "fast top" roofline as the '68 Plymouth Fury III that my parents had.
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    Are the Continental (Goodyear Gatorback) belts discontinued? Are Continental belts good?

    This thread may help:
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    78 Pontiac 400

    If you remove the fuel pump on a Pontiac V8 I believe you can see the cam sprocket with a flashlight and inspection mirror.
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    Thoughts on non-OEM oil and filter during warranty

    Agreed - but after reading the warranty language carefully, I think using an oil filter that does not cross directly to the OEM Kohler 12 050 01-S1 could be a problem if an internal engine failure occurred. For now, I will be using the OEM filter and a stout 10w30 oil.
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    Thoughts on non-OEM oil and filter during warranty

    That is clean. I guess that shows that under most conditions, OPE can be pretty easy on oil filters. Yes - I always try to pre-fill any oil filter that I install. In the case if the Kohler 5400 series, the filter is mounted vertically with the opening at the top so pre-filling will be a piece...
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    Thoughts on non-OEM oil and filter during warranty

    With regard to the oil filter I think it is ridiculous that the OEM filters have the basic properties (flow rate, burst pressure and relief valve settings) of very similar automotive filters but often cost two to four times as much. I saw a photo of the Kohler "premium" yellow "Pro Performance"...
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    Thoughts on non-OEM oil and filter during warranty

    Hi everyone: Thank you for all of the replies. Since it looks like the original Kohler filter only crosses directly to the Wix 51056/NAPA 1056 filter (which actually costs more than the Kohler filter from what I am seeing), I think I will stick with a Kohler filter at least until the 3-year...
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    Thoughts on non-OEM oil and filter during warranty

    Greetings all: Any thoughts on using non-OEM oil and/or filters while a machine is still under warranty? My dad just bought a Craftsman T210 lawn tractor with an 18hp Kohler 5400 series engine and I am anticipating the 1st oil change which is due at 5 hours. If the additional cost of the...
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    Normal transmission behavior?

    Back when the first Ford automatic overdrive came out for the 1980 model year (called the FIOD then AOD), I remember reading a magazine test where an LTD would stall every time they did a panic stop from highway speeds. Locking the rear tires in overdrive during a panic stop would apparently...
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    Lee Filters

    Blast from the past! I remember using Lee filters from time to time in the '80s (both the standard Lee and Lee Maxi oil filters as well as the air filters with the foam wrap) for various applications and never had a problem. Sears filters (standard and Double Trapper oil filters) seemed to be...