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    autozone sure can pick em

    Yikes wasnt looking to get people mad at me. Im not saying I expect them to know everything, but it was just amazing the stuff this guy was saying, thought i'd share it. I work in a drug store, and I know how stupid customers can be, I see them everyday. Asking if we sell things we obviously...
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    autozone sure can pick em

    Was in autozone today, overheard something I didnt know before. A guy was buying 10w-40 oil for his car, the clerk told him not to get it. According to him, it's obsolete, fair enough. But the reason it's obsolete? Because although 10w-30 and 10w-40 weigh the same, 10w-40 requires the engine be...
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    What else should I do?

    Ack sorry meant shocks, this car has shocks, so no strut mount, but I ordered all the bushings and stuff for them, so ill replace those. Timing belt I was told was done before, this car is recommended for every 90k miles from what i've heard, so ill do it at 180k miles. Honestly im wondering...
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    Who drives stick shift in rush hour traffic?

    I agree with origin hacker. Manual is great, but when you get stuck in traffic, going up hill, you suddenly wish you were driving something else.
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    GM back in #1 spot...

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> That whole #1 spot is purely psychological. Who cares if you sell the most cars if you're doing it at a loss (like GM). You can't keep it up for too long. Toyota certainly needs to be careful though. If its key selling points such as reliability and quality are...
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    What else should I do?

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> have fun with those front rotors. you need a slidehammer to get them off. i bought a special tool from MATCO for that exact purpose, i did a lot of them though. the tool cost somwhere around $250. <hr /></blockquote> Thanks lol we will, thats the reason they havent...
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    What else should I do?

    My car is a 1994 honda accord LX, 5 speed man., 141,000 miles. I finally have a free week, and so does my dad, we're gonna fix a few things. So far the things I know of that we're doing is: -Replacing all 4 struts -replacing valve cover gasket (leaking oil into spark plugs) -replacing spark...
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    Funny business slogans

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> place near here
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    Is this a sign of Power Steering Pump going bad?

    I think a sign of a PS pump going bad would be like my car, where I can be turning, and then the power steering cuts out completely. Another would be like my friends car, that completely burst when he was making a turn.
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    I had a 94 corolla that did the same thing, sometimes for up to 10 miles. What worked for me was I took the gauge cluster out one day to replace a bulb, and when I put it back in it worked 100%. So try that, may work for you, disconnect the wires, take it out, and maybe give it a gentle shake.
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    Anyone using Q-Horsepower

    I used Q horsepower in my car, poured it out soon after, had to start the car in 4th to keep the tires from spinning.
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    Honda Shortens ATF Intervals, Again

    <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> <blockquote>Quote:<hr /> Critic, why would they do that if shortening the ATF change interval doesn't make a difference? or if brown Z1 ATF is still good? <hr /></blockquote> I never said it didn't make a difference. I said that replacing it more often than recommended...
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    Installing Alternator Question

    Dont know about your car, but my alternator went bad last week. i have a 94 honda accord, didnt bother taking it to a mechanic. The backside of the alternator could be unscrewed, and I took out the voltage regulator, and brushes, and replaced them with new ones, $45 in parts. I measured the...
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    Subaru pinging

    Thanks for the input guys, he's gonna change the plugs to NGK for now and see what happens. I doubt it's carbon, it's been doing it for way too long now. It's not octane, he's used a higher rating and still the pinging is there. Maybe it wasnt hydraulic lifters that was replaced, something was...
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    Subaru pinging

    It only pings when up to temp, when its cold its quiet.
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    Subaru pinging

    Hi, this is a question for my dad, his 2003 subaru outback, with about 25,000 miles, 4 cylinder auto trans, pings. He changes the oil every 3000 or 3 months. The car has mostly short trips of less than a mile each way to work, but everyonce in a while he'll take a long trip and get it nice and...
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    Let's make a list of the 10 worst GM cars ever

    My dad bought a pontiac phoenix new a long long time ago, and he cant get over how bad that car was. There was a problem with the car, I think it was one of their first FWD cars, and when he was turning one day, the car spun out of control and did a 360. He took it to pontiac, and they told him...
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    Hit a raccoon tonight

    I hit a cat once in my moms car, it left a good size dent in the bumper, poor thing got up an ran away, im sure it didnt live too much longer after that.
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    Waste of time and money

    I agree AT, another thing I have found is sometimes when you try and "do it right", or do some PM to the car, I always end up breaking something else.
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    Short Ram Air Intake

    I had a short ram intake on my accord, previous owner put it on, I took it off, it was stupid, car felt livlier with the stock intake, all the SRI did was make the car louder.