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    1968 Camaro 454

    I had a 76 chev patrol car with the 454 and we used 10w-30 or 10w-40, but back then the zinc was higher. I hope your engine is better than what we had, I sucked valves several times in that SOB when really getting on it to go after a violator. Good luck with your rig.
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    2000 Nissan Altima Valve Train Pic

    Run couple OCI's with quart of MMO in place of quart of oil. That should take some of the varnish out.
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    Went to NAPA today

    Yea, they prolly only made $5 a quart off ya <img src="/forums/graemlins/LOL.gif" alt="LOL" title="LOL" height="19" width="15" />
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    What kind of oil goes in a 280,000 mile Protege'?

    Well, your question was what kind of oil goes in this car. Can't say that they make a special oil for this car. If it runs as bad as it looks, I would run it without oil and then get a new one.
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    Supertech Syn are you Kiddin me?

    It's called inflation. We are starting to feel the pain!
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    Pricing at WM

    You obviously don't live in Washington state, at least where I live. Every week I go into Wally World and the prices are up not only on oil but on practically everything else. Its called inflation. In about a year from now when a quart costs $15, we will think these prices are low. And...
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    Quake State Defy in Walmart.

    otta work great in my lawn mowers
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    super tech syn

    Use the ST 5w-30 syn in three vehicles over 100K and they run great. Can't see paying more. I do 5000 oci
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    Quaker State new Defy oil

    Just wondering if anyone has used it. Suppose to cut back 98% wear with high zinc. Anyway would appreciate any users posting a UOA so we all could see how it does. Thanks.
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    Price of oil is higher every time I buy it

    it's called inflation and yes you will be paying 10-15 dollars a quart before long...
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    QS green bottle vs PYB

    yea so, I have used GB and PYB and my car always shook and rattled, then went to Valvoline and boy does it run good.
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    M1HM vs. VMaxHMFS vs Supertech Synthetic

    Have 114000 on my 2003 silverado. Just changed to Supertech 5w-30 synthetic after running dino. Runs like a top, no issues and I notice it starts little easier as temp is starting to drop around here.
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    Super Tech Oil From Wal Mart

    Use the ST synthetic in all my vehicles. Great stuff.
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    users of mobil conventional

    Been using mobil conventional in 03 chev pu since new. Have 111000 on it now and it purrs like a kitten. Last change I went to mobil super high mileage 5w-30, gas mileage increased 1 mpg. Love this stuff.
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    Ford 289

    Back in the day I bought a new 1965 Galaxy with the 289. Used straight Havoline 30. Sold it when had 90000 on it and still ran like a top.
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    O'Reilly's Insane Prices...

    Prices going up everywhere. We only have oreilly or napa, both are outa site with their prices, starting to pi.. me off alittle
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    Mobil 1 high mileage

    Thanks for the feedback. Think I'll try it and see how I like it. Prolly try the 10-30 flavor.
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    Mobil 1 high mileage

    Anybody using mobil 1 high mileage? Have 111000 on silverado which is starting to use some oil. Thought I'd try this stuff.
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    Shell 0W-10 gives 6.5% FE benefit over 10W-30

    Can't wait for the new 0w-0, now thats thin
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    Castrol GTX $18.50!!! I mean..

    It aint just oil thats going up.....been to the grocery store lately......called inflation and ya aint seen nothing yet