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  1. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2010 Camry with 227K and a 5 K OCI. In: ST 10W40 and left the PH9972 on 22 yo Granddaughter's car. I did not realize it was due for an oil change so I just checked it. It uses about a quart every 1200 miles. It was way over full. It had been low so my granddaughter did not want to bother...
  2. chunt


    Replaced one of my TPMS sensors on my 2011 Frontier with 173K because the external stem threads were buggered up because of something that was installed on the stem and because I just wanted to see if I could do it. I am pretty sure it has the original sensors and all are working ok. I uncovered...
  3. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Nissan Rogue with 37K and 6 months and 3.2k OCI. It was out of service for 2 months for collision repair. Out: ST 0W20 and PH6607 In: Pennzoil synthetic 5W30 and ST6607 This is the first time that I have used 5W30 in the Rogue and the engine is quieter mainly above 2K rpms. If I had...
  4. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Nissan Frontier V6 with 172K and 4K/10 months on the OCI. The oil was only down about 1/8 inch on the dipstick. Pretty good for the mileage. Out: ST 5W30 Hi mileage synthetic & PH 7317 In: Same
  5. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2010 Camry with 222K and 4.5K, 7 month OCI Out ST10W40 & ST9972 IN QSUD EURO 5W40 & PH9972 Used 3 1/2 Quarts this OCI. Otherwise car runs good, The CAT has been cleaned out.
  6. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Nissan Rogue with 34K and 5k on OC: Out: ST 0W20 and Fram PH6607 IN: Same
  7. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2003 Camry with 120K and 5K on OCI. Been in family since new. Out: Valvoline synthetic 5W30 & Ecogard S4477 IN: Quaker State High Mileage synthetic 5W30 & Fram EG Also replaced engine and cabin air filters
  8. chunt

    Bad Experiences with Maxlife ATF?

    I have Maxlife in a 2010 Camry with 220K, a 2003 Camry with 125K and a 2011 Nissan Frontier with 169k. All 3 are doing just fine.
  9. chunt

    What is the cheapest car you've ever bought?

    1946 Ford coupe in 1959 for $50. A short time after buying it someone put a small dent in a rear fender and gave me $50 for the damage.
  10. chunt

    Leaking ADBV on Fram PH7317

    I recently changed the oil on my 2011 Frontier. I used a new style PH7317 filter. I started the truck after it had been setting for 2 days and heard an obvious start up rattle. I let the truck set for another 2 days and got the same start up rattle when the truck was started. This was not...
  11. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Nissan Frontier 4.0 with 168K. My first oil change on this truck. 4 months and 1.5K OCI. Has not used any oil in the four months that I have had it. I only plan on driving it about 2-3K a year Out: Ford dealer bulk? & Ford filter FL 816. In: Supertech 5W30 high mileage synthetic & PH...
  12. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Nissan Rogue with 29k. 5K OCI. Out: ST 0W20 and ST6607 In: ST 0W20 and PH6607 Love my Rogue. Granddaughter's 2010 Toyota Camry with 218 K and 5 K OCI. Out: ST 10W40 High Mileage full synthetic and ST9972 In: ST 10W40 All mileage and ST9972 Uses a little oil.
  13. chunt

    Walmart trailer tire experience

    Had the tires replaced on my Rogue with the same Hankook tires that came on it and I was pleased with. The tires were on sale for about $30 each on I am very pleased with the Walmart experience. I am at Walmart just about every morning for my 2 mile brisk walk around the inside...
  14. chunt

    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2003 Camry, daughters, in family since new. 119K on car, 68k since last drain/refill X3. This time only did 2 drain & refills. Out and in Maxlife ATF 3.7 quarts. Also replaced the rear brake shoes. Took me a while, last time I replaced brake shoes was 60 years ago. I've been spoiled with...
  15. chunt

    2012 Nissan Versa doors lock by themselves

    My 2018 Rogue does a really weird thing. Sometimes when I get out and close the door the driver's door will lock. The other three doors remain unlocked. This will happen maybe once a month or two. This really didn't concern me enough to take it to the dealer while it was still under warranty.
  16. chunt

    Did my first ATF drain and fill on a high mileage vehicle, when should I do it again?

    I just did 3 drain and refills on my new to me 2011 Frontier. Did it myself with Valvoline Maxlife for less than $60. The Frontier has 167K and I believe that it was its first transmission fluid change.
  17. chunt

    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    Recently purchased 2011 Nissan Frontier V6 with 167K. I did 3 drain & refills with Maxlife. I am sure this was the first time the drain plug had ever been removed. There was not a single scratch or nick on the painted drain plug.
  18. chunt

    How long OCI on Walmart super tech full synth HM

    I use Supertech High mileage synthetic 5W30 on the 03 Camry (120K) and 10W40 on the 10 Camry (215K) for 5K OCI's.
  19. chunt

    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2018 Nissan Rogue CVT service with 25K on the vehicle. Drain and refill with 2 qts. of Nissan NS-3 and slightly less than 2 qts. of Valvoline CVT fluid. Used my ScanGuage to monitor the CVT temperature while adjusting the fluid level. Much easier and cleaner than changing the oil and filter.
  20. chunt

    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Nissan Rogue with 24K and 5K OCI. Out: M1 0W20 & ST6607 In: ST 0W20 & ST6607 Also replaced the factory engine air filter with a Fram extra guard. The air filter was filthy, I will check this one at 15K.