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    Caddy DTS 2,000 miles on synthetic oil

    I am guilty of Sunday driving & it showed when I pulled the throttle body off to clean it at 100,000. The pre 2000 N*'s had some issues that for the most part were revised in 2001 and more refinements have made the later model N*'s a much better engine. Flushing the coolant is a good idea at...
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    Orange bottle of death?

    Marketing. In the real world outside BITOG folks will recognize this product by name branding and will feel they have a good product.
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    Caddy DTS 2,000 miles on synthetic oil

    If you want it to last, don't slowpoke it make sure it gets a WOT runs on to freeways regularly. This will help keep the carbon build-up from forming that will cause cold piston knock and stuck rings. Use top tier fuels with. Change the coolant more often than recommended. I would stick...
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    Macpherson Strut replace problem

    There usually is a hex or allen or flats machined. If they are old parts, a good sharp Visegrip will dig in the chrome rod & hold it -OR an impact may knock it off.
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    My apologies about Japan quake.

    Haiti recieved 1000 times the donations Japan has. Haiti is still trash and the donations are largely un-accounted for. Etheopia, Somalia, & other African nations have a money train of USA dollars arriving daily. The only thing you need to be sorry for is being unaware of facts.
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    How much should I charge???

    Make him your butler.
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    Suicide shower

    The lack of government regulation is shocking!
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    82 Dodge Aries with only 37k miles...good vehicle?

    The late 70's early 80's - it's about the worst era in the history of American cars.
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    Changing the disc brakes and not pads?

    You will be fine re-using good pads.
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    Buick Lucerene front motor mount leaking oil?

    If it has a north star the front mount is in the same neighborhood as the filter adapter. The V6 may have a similar oil filter configuration. Oil senders commonly leak and "O" rings for the filter adapter mount have been known to leak.
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    Are these comparison real?

    Nice pictures of a $100 worth of filters wasted.
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    Looking for a "sticky" additive

    Phil Wood bicycle chain oil <img src="" align="center" alt="" />
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    abandoned old junkyard!!

    Nothing post 1970 there. A perfect artistic example of American folklore. I love this. Where is it?
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    could gas prices go up even more? (tsunami)

    Of course they will, earthquake will have no effect. Raising prices is all part of the plan. Don't forget to vote for your favorite plan in 2012!
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    Hit a curb with relatively-new tires...

    If a bulge of any sort was created, its trashed.
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    Hit a curb with relatively-new tires...

    If it still rolls smooth good down the highway forget about it. A usually scuff doesn't amount to much. Most tires will endure a curb hit or two just fine. The rim may have less durability. A rip or gouge exposing plys would need attention.
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    Full throttle on cold engine

    If you are in gear with a load on the engine, there is no real problem.
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    Had to try the G-Oil

    To drain a good Amsoil fill to try green? Be sure to let your therapist know how it makes you feel.
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    Under (valve)cover pics

    Not too shabby, I think the varnish that isn't very bad at all IMO may be from running the cheap bulk oils in the first 36,000. If you find a preferred brand with a good reputation for cleaning abilities & stick with it. It will clean up over time.
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    1960 Chrysler Panelescent instrument lights

    That was before the Square steering wheel.