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    Outer Tie Rod End Bent?

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking it's meant to rotate a little but it wouldn't budge by hand. Just making sure (y)
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    Outer Tie Rod End Bent?

    Is it normal to have a new outer tie rod at a slight angle? The one on the left is straight but the right one is tilted a bit? I've never installed a tie rod before. :unsure:
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    Fram or OEM Mazda?

    You're right.... I just checked the price of all three and it's just as you described. I might as well go with the EG since it has a 10k rating like you said. Appreciate all the feedback... new to Mazda's and I'm probably overthinking everything o_O:cool:
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    Fram or OEM Mazda?

    It looks like this filter aims straight down and dry starts will never be an issue. I think I'll give the EG a try. BTW, why do you use 0w40 in your CX5? Is it a turbo?
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    Fram or OEM Mazda?

    Just bought a 2016 CX5 and looking into some maintenance. The OEM Mazda Filter looks pretty basic and doesn't have/need an ADBV. Fram's EG is rated at 10k OCI and the TG at 15k OCI. Leaning towards the Fram TG since I do 7.5k OCI. What do you think?
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    Mercedes ATF - Shell 134 or something else?

    I agree. Only Purchase Mercedes Branded Fluid.
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    Mercedes ATF - Shell 134 or something else?

    Yes, knowing the year of the MB would be important. I usually work on the w210 series. Valvoline claims that this fluid works for: Mercedes Benz MB236.1, MB236.6, MB236.7, MB236.9, MB236.10, MB236.12, MB 236.14, MB 236.15, NAG-1
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    Mercedes ATF - Shell 134 or something else?

    There's a whole "Sticky" thread on this at the Benzworld forum. This image is supposedly from a factory repair manual.
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    2019 Toyota Highlander LOTS of metal flakes

    Back in 2012, I did the first oil changes on 2 camry's (V6) & 2 Tundra's (4.6/5.7), all with less than 800 miles. The oil and filters had lots of metallic glitter just like the photos that were posted.
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    Nissan 7 speed

    If you're in a pinch, Walmart sells the Attwood Gear Lube Pump for $4.87 that comes with a "yamaha" adapter that fits Nissan/Infiniti 7spd transmission pans. It screws directly into the older style quart bottles (e.g. Nissan S Matic from dealer) and will work nicely. <a...
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    I just got a 2013 Frontier V6 today - any issues?

    Keep an eye on the oil level. You should be aware of this: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> FWIW A lot of Nissan guys I know swear by the M1 0w40 for their VQ's. <img src="/forums/graemlins/grin.gif"...
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    Just got back from Xmas road trip. Guess MPG.

    25mpg isn't too shabby for a 20 yr old v6! 310k! That's impressive!
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    Drain and Fill on 2010 Toyota Highlander SE

    Do u need a special fitting on that transmission or is there a dipstick tube?
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    Advice for next oil change on '04 Infiniti G35.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Nissan VQ Engines</a> Here's the article. Just an FYI for all VQ fans
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    Advice for next oil change on '04 Infiniti G35.

    How's your oil pressure? I was just reading a tech article about internal oil leaks on 3.5 & 4.0L VQ engines. First sign was irregular oil pressure and eventually oil warning lights
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    Castrol Edge bottle measuring line unuseable

    Totally agree. I don't know if it's the black plastic or what, but it's impossible to get a reading . I always end up using an old M1 jug to measure out the qts.
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    Between these 2 radar detectors...

    I've used many 8500 escorts in the past years and they are great detectors. KA radar is still used heavily around my area but Laser is very common too.
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    Motorcraft 820s Quality issues lately?

    Whenever I get valvetrain rattle, I change the motorcraft 820s with another and its 85% gone.... this usually happens after an oil change
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    Looking for brake pads recommendations...

    +1 Akebono Pads Installed a set along with new rotors on a Nissan. After the break in period they are fantastic. Better than OEM performance in all categories. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> has a great selection with free shipping
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    Falling Headliner

    All cars around the year 2000 have this problem....drives me crazy. I've seen Jag XJ's to Corolla's with this.