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    Post your latest parts purchase

    2012 Kia Soul Raybestos EHT pads front and rear Raybestos Element3 Coated Rotors front and rear 2012 Mitsubishi Galant Raybestos EHT pads front and rear Dynamic Friction rotors front only. Rear rotors were in good shape.
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    Share your computer build and specs

    2 or 3 years old but still more than suits my needs. Case: Phanteks P400A PSU: Phanteks AMP 750 (Basically a rebadged Seasonic Focus Gold Plus) MB: MSI Z390 Gaming Plus CPU: Intel I5 9600K Cooler: ID-Cooling SE 224 XT Black Graphics: on-board Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (I do not game so this...
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    Hub Rings-Hub spacers?

    Last hub rings I needed I purchased from Discount Tireabout 8 or 9 months ago. They had them in stock. Would seem they should be able to order for you if they do not have on stock.
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    21 Ford Bronco Sport Filters

    Not an endorsement of the sellers
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Craftsman YTS4000 with 24 HP Briggs V-Twin Out: Mobil Delvac Extreme 15w-40 Syn and MC FL-910S In: Same Also changed Air Filter and Fuel Filter with Briggs replacements and spark plugs with Champion 71ECOs.
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    Kohler engine oil

    Currently running Devlac 15w-40 syn in my 19HP and 24HP Briggs mowers. I have run Delo 10w-30 and Rotella 5w-40 previously. All seemed to work well.
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    Post your new battery purchase.

    Interstate MT-86 (Green Top) to replace a 3.5 year old Autocraft Gold for a 2012 Mitsubishi Galant.
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    Post your last tire/wheel purchase

    Pirelli Scorpion AS3s about two months ago.
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    Buick Lacrosse 3.6 battery troubles

    I am not an expert however 15.05 volts idling seems too high.
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    Occasional issues fueling

    Every other time is more than occasional. That is way too often. I would see if they would perform the recall. Worse they can say is no. Gas spraying out is dangerous.
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    Tire advice - 2020 Honda Passport

    No experience in the snow with these but I put a set of Pirelli Scorpion AS3's on my wife's 2019 Equinox two months ago and so far we are happy with them. They replaced a set of Firestone Destination LE2's that I did not really care for. Hopefully someone can chime in that has some snow...
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    Wiper Blades

    Just to follow-up. I decided to use OE as Rockauto had in stock at what I thought was a reasonable price. Probably would have tried the Tricos or the ACDelco Professional had that not been the case.
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    Wiper Blades

    Going to replace the wiper blades on my wife's 2019 Equinox. What is the difference in the GM OE and ACDelco Professional/Gold? OE Blade is a hybrid blade. Would it be best to stay with that style? If not GM OE or ACDelco Professional then what is the recommendation for a wiper blade for...
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    Lenovo Ideapad sent in for warranty repair, returned with Bitlocker and can't use the laptop

    If you are considering reloading from scratch why not try installing Windows 11. I would not expect driver issues with Win 11.
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    Hub Centering Ring need help with correct size

    Called local Discount Tire where I bought the wheels and a lug kit. They looked up the correct size on their computer and it was 106 to 78.1 and they had at least one set on hand so i went and picked them up. .
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    Hub Centering Ring need help with correct size

    Vehicle - 2021 Chevy Silverado Custom with 20" Wheels and 275/60r20 tires. indicates the hub size is 78.1. (I checked at least one replica wheel site which also seemed to indicate 78.1. Aftermarket Wheel - Fuel Rebel 6 D679 (Fuel's website indicates 106.1 Center...
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    Walmart is starting to reopen their Tire and Auto centers

    I had Walmart put a set of Cooper's on my Altima right before covid started. When I went to have them installed they told me the could not start due to having an appointment in 30 min and they would not be done with mine if they started. I looked around and sure enough they had a sign posted...
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Craftsman YTS4000 with Briggs 24 HP Twin and Craftsman LT2500 with Briggs 19.5 Single Out: Chevron Delo 400 XLE 10w-30 Syn Blend and MC FL-910S In: Mobil Delvac Extreme 15w-40 Syn and MC FL-910S Also new air filters for both.
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    Install Spindle Assembly

    Unless if too difficult I will try tapping it with the self tapping screws as I install the part. I saw some videos where the person ran the screws in tapping the threads as a separate step then backed the screws out and then installed the spindle. I would think if that was how the part was...