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    Possible EV rental next month

    I'm taking my daughter on a weekend trip next month, and while I have our flights and accommodations booked, I have only barely had a chance to look into a rental (will probably look deeper and book this weekend). Hertz was the first one I pulled up, just to get an idea of what prices I am in...
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    Weird private-label tire names

    Just saw this one on Facebook Marketplace... Arivo Carlorful A/S (no, not a misspelling);s=1000x700
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    2018 VW Tiguan - Last oil change while under warranty

    Except it wasn't. It was designed for 502.00, as the initial printing of the manual required that spec. It was superseded by 508.00 on a bac spec basis for fuel economy reasons. The EA888 Gen 3B engine was new at the launch of that model. It differs from the other EA888 engines as it is the...
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    2018 VW Tiguan - Last oil change while under warranty

    Just picked up a filter and a case of 508.00 oil for my 2018 Tiguan (2.0T - EA888 Gen 3B), which I will change in the next few days. I thought to myself as the vehicle is now around 90,000km, and the powertrain warranty is good until 100,000km, I won't need to worry about meeting spec for...
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    Camper trailer tires

    When I had a smaller trailer, I fitted it with a Euro commercial van size (their version of LT tires) in 185R14C Load Range D. These seem to be harder to get in North America these days. My in laws use Carlisle Radial Trail HD and its served them well. I think they come in the ST205/75R14 size...
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    Bought new tires - Pirelli Ice Zero FR

    I honestly haven't pinned down the exact tires that I am looking to get in the spring. Having spent a big chunk of coin on these Pirellis, and also helping our son with a purchase of car from a mechanic friend in the next few weeks (including getting him set up with a set of winter tires), I...
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    Bought new tires - Pirelli Ice Zero FR

    Just ordered a set of these ahead of the winter season and picked them up when they came in on Friday. They look good, and I am hoping they will have similar if not better performance than the Continental VikingContact7. The plan was that I would have them mounted and waiting in the garage for...
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    Trailer tires - Please advise

    That may be the case, I honestly haven't kept up with how the off-brand trailer tires are being made. I do know if I were going to use an ST tire today, I would choose one of the brand names with a good reputation. You may have cared for your ST tires properly, never underinflating and never...
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    Trailer tires - Please advise

    I first had a trailer in 2009, owning two since then, a little tent trailer, and more recently, a two axle fifth wheel. I've naturally had an interest in trailer tires, and from what I've seen, a lot has changed over the years. Until a few years ago, virtually all ST tires were garbage. Poorly...
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    Rebuilt titles

    My son's 2004 Impala was backed into while it was parked. Two different times and different places within the space of not even three months. First time a fellow student backed into it at school. Still covered under my more comprehensive insurance as we were just beginning the process of...
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    Anyone ever track down cars you've owned in the past? How?

    There was a 1992 Nissan Sentra in our family, bought brand new. The car was my dad's first, then mine for a couple of years until I sold it back to him. After that, it was sold to a shady used car lot. Several years later, I was certain I saw the car in a parking lot of a local grocery store...
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    "Pet friendly" ice melter

    There is an ice melter being sold here locally called "Bear Tracks," often as a fundraiser for organizations. The claim is that these are "safer" for pets, and in particular, the popular belief on the community Facebook pages around here is that it is better than using sodium chloride salt. Even...
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    Viking7, Hakka R3, Pilot Alpin PA5 on AWD BMW?

    Didn't realize that the ExtremeWinterContacts are still around as the Soft*Frost 200, but I also see that tire doesn't seem to be available in North America.
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    Viking7, Hakka R3, Pilot Alpin PA5 on AWD BMW?

    Last year, we picked up our beater Chevy Impala, and one of the first things I did with it was get a set of Continental VikingContact7. Yes, this is a FWD vehicle, versus the RWD BMW that you have, but I suspect it would work similarly. These tires turned the Impala into a force to be reckoned...
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    Who has their winter tires on already?

    Better question where I am is "who doesn't have them on yet?" Just got a dump of about a foot of snow on Tuesday, and there's still plenty of snow and ice all around, even on the major arteries.
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    Insurance Dilemna

    Every province in Canada is different for auto insurance. Some are entirely government insurance, some entirely private insurance, and others a hybrid of the two. In Alberta where I am, it is private insurance. What I'm hearing is it seems somewhere around the 80% mark is the threshold for a...
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    Insurance Dilemna

    I asked my broker about that option. Cost prohibitive, and likely a very lengthy process. Right off the bat, a $1,250 fee to Transport Canada to recertify the car for roadworthiness. Once it gets a salvage title, repairs have to bring the car to new condition (at least mechanically, not sure if...
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    Insurance Dilemna

    I sent a message this morning to the other owner asking about speaking to her adjuster, just so I can get a sense of things. No reply. I'm thinking unless I hear something compelling, I will just start the claim on Friday with my insurance company (tomorrow is a holiday here).
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    Insurance Dilemna

    So my son used the old Impala last week, and while he had it parked in the school parking lot, another kid hit the vehicle while getting into the spot beside him. No questions about fault, they waited for him to come out, admitted what happened, fully owning up to it. Their new vehicle has...
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    Do diesels take longer to heat up?

    Having had 2 diesel cars (TDI Golf and TDI Passat), and a diesel truck, this has been my experience that winters mean very long warm ups. You can mitigate this with grille covers, and block heaters/coolant heaters. Seeing as you are in the UK, something like a Webasto or Espar may be a good...