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    Oil Filter Question- 27HP Kohler Confidant

    Hi im wanting to change from my oem kohler filter to a wix. The oem filter is a 52-050-02. I Did some reading here and some other places and i see alot of guys are using the wix 51348 with good results. When i enter the kohler part number on the wix website it comes back to part # WL10068. There...
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    Oil Recommendation For New Kohler

    My oil filter is directly on top of the engine. Its the easiest oil filter ive ever seen to change. They must have changed the location. I got the steering wheel model as well. Im pretty surprised how heavy the steering is. I thought it would be much lighter. I think im gonna try a suicide...
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    Oil Recommendation For New Kohler

    Thanks for all the feedback. I see alot of guys run 15-40 in these things. Would i be better off going that route? Is it a better oil? Thanks.
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    Oil Recommendation For New Kohler

    Hi just bought a new cub cadet pro Z with a 27hp Kohler Confidant engine. I was planning on doing the first oil change with 10W-30 Rotella T5 and a wix oil filter. The book calls for a 10w-30 or a straight 30 wt. Should I consider something else...or am i on the right track? Thanks.