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    Time or Miles

    I used 5-30 Valvoline Full syn in my car, and I drive about 1500 - 2000 miles/year. Which way should I use? Time or Miles for oil change ?
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    98 Volvo S70 T5 run out of oil ....hope ?

    Long time ago, the oil pressure switch on my Oldsmobile went bad, The oil pour out of engine real bad . I think I drove the car at least 1 miles before I knew the problem. Took the car to the nearest garage (an other mile) and had them change the oil switch and refill with new oil. The car...
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    Tire pressure gauge

    Just bought a Digital tire pressure gauge(EIS162), Very disappoint. Checking one tire and the reading varies from 27 psi to 30 psi , I really have no idea what is the real pressure of the tire. Any recommendation about digital tire pressure gauge brand ? Thanks
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    Spark plugs - Replace or not ???

    mechtech2: Here is the info from : "A traditional iridium plug such as a Denso IK20 or NGK ZFR6FIX-11 both have iridium center electrodes, however the ground electrodes are the traditional nickel construction. The ground electrode will wear out first. The manufacturers are...
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    Spark plugs - Replace or not ???

    Mechtech2: On the ground end I see a small pad, I guess it is platinum material to prevent erode. The electrode is iridium. The 100K plugs looks perfect to me, the color at the tip is normal light gray. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Spark plugs - Replace or not ???

    My 2004 Saturn Vue 3.5 L hits 100K miles last week. The owner manual calls for spark plugs replacement. I removed one in the front this morning. The OEM is Denso iridium with platinum ground pad and it looks perfect, the gap remains the original gap (040). Shall I replace the spark plugs even I...
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    Cleaning a PCV valve?

    I have a 2004 Saturn Vue V6 3.5L. I want to change /clean a PCV valve but i have no idea where it locates. May be this engine (Honda) does not use the PCV valve.
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    50% of 5w-20 plus 50% of 5w-30

    If I mix 2qt of PP 5w20 with 2qt of PP 5w-30 will I have 4 qt of 5w-25 ????
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    New Nissan with 5W20

    Hello I have plenty of 5W20 Penzoil on sale from Home Depot which I bought for my Honda. Shall I use it on my new Nissan Altima ? It called for 5W30 in the manual. Thanks
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    Hello Some one please tell me how often we should replace the thermostat. I really do not want to see the engine overheat due to the closed thermostat. I think to invest few more dollars to a "good" thermostat is a good investment.
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    Motorcraft 5-30 or SuperTech Syn 5-30

    For 4-5 K OCI, I think both will perform the same. However if for longer OCI, perhaps full syn is better.
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    Motorcraft 5-30 or SuperTech Syn 5-30

    The price between these 2 types are very much the same at Walmart (couple cents more for Super Tech). Which one is better for the car??? Full syn in supertech or semi-syn in Motorcraft ???
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    going with the green elixer

    I stopped at my local AutoZone last week, No green German stuff, just plain USA. How can I get that Green GC, Shall I ask the clerk for special order??? Winter55
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    SuperTech Motor Oil,Different?

    I am using Wally SuperTech 10-30 dino. However, I plan to switch to SuperTech Sync 5-30. Any one have any any idea how ST Synn performance?? Did anyone do any UOA on this stuff? Thanks Winter55
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    Saturn V6 Honda engine with Castrol 0-30 ???

    Hello I am a new bee, glad to join the forum. Have been learned a lot about "everything" on this forum. I have 3 questions. 1. In the "oil bible" which I get it from an other oil forum, the author recommended to use 0-30 or 5-30 instead of 5-20 for new Honda and Ford engines. However...