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    Turtle Wax Ice spray wax after one month

    <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/>
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    Turtle Wax Ice spray wax after one month

    I can't copy and paste the pic somehow. Geez.
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    Turtle Wax Ice spray wax after one month

    Pic after one month and a brief rain shower this evening. Dirty car, but I'm surprised how long this spray wax has lasted. No car washes since but this wax appears to be tenacious. Now the beads stick to the paint until I get to about 45 mph, but it appears to be still working. FYI.
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    Tell me about EDC pocket knives

    Op, I have a Benchmade folder I've used for more than ten years, so I don't know if it's offered new now. It's the Big Spender. I carry in wool dress pants in a professional office setting and it's very low profile but a very serviceable knife.
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    Pick this summers oil

    Op, 10w40 Durablend of the choices you have and the conditions you describe.
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    Torque wrench on your drain plug?

    Never. But if I had the tool... I figure since I made it through 15+ oil changes on Jag X300 without issue with an aluminum pan notorious for over-torquing damage I must not be bearing down too much.
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    Approved oil for Mazda 6 Skyactiv

    I've done two oil changes myself on my ‘18 6 with Zepro 0w20 first with moly, second with standard which still has higher moly than typically offered. I'm not obsessing over the high moly content moving forward though and may go Mobil 1. Also, I use a Wix 57002 filter. Btw, my owners manual...
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    Adams Buttery Wax?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by TheLawnRanger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Looks great. I'll have to try it. Autogeek?</div></div> No, Autogeek doesn't carry that brand. I bought it on Amazon.
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    Adams Buttery Wax?

    Pic was taken 48 hours after waxing and a drive to work but you get the idea.
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    Adams Buttery Wax?

    Well got around to waxing the Mazda6 today and I'm impressed with the wax removal and results. Waxing on is similar to most wax products but wax removal was very easy. The finished product looks a bit muted but very deep. My hands looked like I was eating a melted moon pie banana flavored but...
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    Adams Buttery Wax?

    All, Thanks for the replies.
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    Adams Buttery Wax?

    The next non-rainy weekend I'll be waxing my truck and Mazda car with this wax. I already have it. I've had Collinite 845 on them since August. I don't care that much about longevity but I'm wondering about the look. Good stuff?
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    When I drained the factory fill in my ‘18 Mazda 6 I replaced the factory Roki filter with a Wix 57002 filter. I'll consider the Roki filter moving forward.
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    Thanks for the link PimTac.
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    Your favorite EDC/every day carry KNIFE?

    1990s Spyderco Dragonfly.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2018 Mazda 6 Out: factory fill In: Zepro Eco Medalist 0W-20 w/ Wix 57002 filter 7,698 miles
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    Last time you purchased new vehicle.

    May of this year. 2018 Mazda 6. I plan to drive it for 10 years or so.
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    Half-Baked Electric Outlet

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: eljefino</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Al</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yea and get a 20 amp one. No point skimping. </div></div> only if...
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    How many days have you been absent from work?

    None this year. 5 sick hours used though. I take a week's vacation each quarter to keep fresh.