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    Post your latest oil change

    2016 Nissan Frontier. VQ40DE. Lubrication Engineers Tetra Syn 5W30. Wiz XP filter.
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    Swepco MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

    Thanks for the replies so far......
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    Swepco MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube

    Does anyone have any experience with this in a rear end. Considering using it in a Nissan with a C200 differential. Swepco MolyXP 75w90 Synthetic Gear Lube Specs: Typical Physical Characteristics SAE Gear Oil Grade ..................................................75w90 ISO Viscosity Grade...
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    Introduction and a question

    If I were you I would contact Cenpeco. Ag, antique, and other diesel equipment are their stock and trade. They also have some of the less common weights too. I use there oil in an antique marine diesel, and they were the only ones that had a suitable 20wt for the transmission. They have a...
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    Always using the same oil ?

    I like to use boutique oils because I like support smaller companies especially those that supposedly use American sourced base stock. Having said that, my Dad always said the secret to long engine life was not to run it low on oil and change it when it needs to be changed. I have followed...
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    Lubrication Engineers 75w90

    Does anyone have a source for individual quarts of LE synolec 75w90 number 9919 gear oil?
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    Looking for a synthetic 15w40

    Lubrication Engineers makes what you're looking for I believe
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    Post your latest oil change

    2016 Nissan Frontier Vq40de. 1200 miles. Lubrication Engineers Tetra syn 5W30 Royal Purple filter.
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    Oil in the 1980's

    Hmm, the eighties. 69 GMC 1/2 ton with an inline 6 250 CuIn, Valvoline 40. Plymouth Roadrunner with built 440, Valvoline 40. Pontiac Fiero with inline 4, Valvoline 30. Never was a multigrade person back then. Dad always said 10W30 until it's starts using oil then 10W40 and finally straight 40.
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    Oil for flat tappet ford 302 HO

    Cenpeco. They will send it to your door.
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    No coolant leak. Interesting rust preventative. When I talked to their engineer, one of the reasons he suggested the S3 for my application was because it met a military sailtwater spec. He said several of their oils do because they make oils for obsolete equipment many of which are antiques...
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    New (to me) F350 6.0 What oil?

    I have very good results from Cenpeco. Small company and you can talk to their engineer.
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    Ok, question for you tribologist out there. I use Cenpeco S3 30 Wt in my boat's diesel engine and I have had very good service with it according to Blackstone. Low wear metals and high TBN retention strong Calcium and Zinc content, but it is the only UAO's I have seen with Barium of any amount...
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    Texas Refinery Corp V. Lubrication Engineers

    The Dodge is spec'd for 5w20 whereas the Nissan calls for 5w30. Both oils meet the Sn requirement, but I'm torn on which to use. I have used TRC's exposed bearing grease in the past and it was absolutely great stuff for the application we had. Little in the way of UOA's on both that I can...
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    99 Dodge Dakota Brad Penn Superior Fuel Efficient

    Addyguy, the long drain time was an experiment just to see how the oil performed.
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    99 Dodge Dakota Brad Penn Superior Fuel Efficient

    Vehicle 1999 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab 2.5 L inline 4 Cylinder OIL Brad Penn Superior Fuel Efficient 10W30 MILES IN USE 10,147 MILES 227,000 SAMPLE TAKEN 2/14/2016 Make up oil 0 ALUMINUM 3 CHROMIUM 0 IRON 31...
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    Texas Refinery Corp V. Lubrication Engineers

    Opinions please, looking at Texas Refinery Corps Pro Spec 5W20 and 5W30 versus Lubrication Engineers Monelec Tetra Syn 5W20 and 5W30. Hot mixed driving conditions. 2016 Nissan VQ40 V-6 and 2005 Dodge 2.4 L I-4. Thanks
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    lifetime wear-out pad warrantees

    The Napa Premiums were the only ones that would last on our highway patrol cars which were very hard on pads and rotors.
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    40w Oil

    Cenpeco S3 40 wt meets your spec. I use the 30 wt in my marine diesel and love it. It meets mil spec corrosion requirements (saltwater) plus it is high tbn so extended oci is definitely possible with uoa. They sell it by the case and ship right to your door. Just give them a call.