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    I-95 NY - FL and back observations..

    Back in the 70's Pedro's on I95 was hoppin. Now it's a ghost of it's former self, but all the irritating signs are still on the interstate.
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    I-95 NY - FL and back observations..

    Lived in N. Va for many a year and drove I95 back and forth to a vacation home, then permanent home, on a lake in northern North Carolina. Yes, I95 between DC and Richmond during the summer months is typically a nightmare. Once south of Richmond, traffic eases, and the stress goes with it...
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    The love/hate relationship with German cars

    Have owned three different brands of German cars, and drove another extensively. Owned a BMW, Porsche, and VW, and drove a German market Ford while stationed there when active duty. Of those I would not hesitate to own another Porsche or BMW given available funds. Both beautifully made...
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    I needed an ice scraper this morning

    Using a credit card brings back a memory. Was on travel to the St. Louis area some years ago. Went out the evening prior with a few friends and had a bit too much to drink (wasn't driving). Woke up with a classic "tomahawk" to 4 degrees F, a 20 mph wind, a too thin coat only to find the...
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    Amber or Red rear turn signals....

    Lived and drove for 11 years in Germany while stationed there in the Army. Got VERY accustomed to the amber turn signals which were mandatory in Germany, and throughout Europe I believe. Back here in the US the red turn signals are a bit annoying IMO only from the fact that in some situations...
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    German cars better fasteners?

    Never said they all were one time use. When I changed the clutch on that Jetta, I used the service manual which specifically called out which bolts were one time use, and which were not.
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    German cars better fasteners?

    In addition to one time use, stretch bolts, VW just loves triple square, allen style bolts. When I changed the clutch on a Vetta I had several years ago had to source a number of metric triple square allen sockets. They do hold the tool bit more securely making it almost impossible to strip...
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    Biggest and smallest Vehicles you have owned?

    Smallest was probably a 1980 Mazda RX-7. Largest would be a toss up between a 1972 Dodge Tradesman 200 long wheelbase van, and a 2012 Ram 3500 crew cab long bed 4x4 pickup.
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    Veey bright headlights

    I have to agree when it comes to most US vehicles. The issues I've had with fog lights on in clear weather are those driving lifted pickups with the fog lights on in clear conditions. Their fog lights are almost at eye level, and as a result are terribly blinding to oncoming traffic. Also...
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    Veey bright headlights

    And that is another thing that made driving in Germany enjoyable. The police would ticket anyone who had fog lights on when conditions did not warrant, ie, in clear weather. The result was you never saw anyone who had them on when it wasn't foggy or rainy.
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    Old mobil 1 bottle

    Good searching. The wall poster, with either that T-shirt or another similar with fresh hand prints worn by an attractive young woman was what caught my eye back in the day. The good news is I haven't seen oil that black come from a gasoline engine since I watched my dad change oil on his 55...
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    Old mobil 1 bottle

    Remember an old Valvoline poster I saw hanging in a shop I used to frequent when oil in cans was disappearing. Had a picture of a busty woman wearing a white T-shirt with a black oily hand print on each breast with the words:" Real men don't change oil from plastic bottles". No amount of...
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    Veey bright headlights

    This is where the sharp cut off on European headlights benefits IMO. You can easily see that the direct illumination cuts off in the middle of the trunk on a vehicle directly in front of you, and below their rear view mirrors on properly adjusted E code headlights. That cut off gets lower the...
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    Veey bright headlights

    Any European spec vehicle will have better headlights than US vehicles. The E code beam pattern is just much better. From my first tour in Germany while in the Army, and during the almost 11 years I spent assigned there over the years, I really grew to appreciate the efficiency of European...
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    Veey bright headlights

    The sharp cutoff on low beam is a good thing, provided the headlights are correctly aimed/adjusted. Drove for 11 years in Germany and never had an issue with blinding headlights, but then they all were properly adjusted. And, the European beam pattern, the sharp cutoff with the right shoulder...
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    What is the strangest engine swap you've seen?

    Don't have the pics unfortunately, but saw on a different forum, a very talented fabricator who put a Cummins C series (8.3 liter) six cylinder diesel into a late 80's F350 single rear wheel. He had to box the entire frame of the truck, fabricated the engine mounting after reinforcing the frame...
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    Subscription based options? I didn't see this coming.

    The implications of this is what is concerning. The automaker can activate or deactivate features through the wireless internet link to the vehicle based on which features you have "subscribed". They probably also can deactivate the entire vehicle, rendering it useless, for any reason you...
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    What is the worst car you ever owned?

    2008 VW Jetta TDI 5speed Within 50 miles of new, clutch engagement seemed chattery. Engagement only worsened with mileage. Search revealed VW used a dual mass flywheel on their diesel manual vehicles. Upon searching, found that there was a WORLD-WIDE recall for them everywhere EXCEPT North...
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    Sketchiest fix you've done to get home?

    Back in the mid 70's was driving my Dodge Challenger heading east on I80 at night in eastern South Dakota. Was following a semi that had straddled an old rusty paint can in the middle of the traffic lane. I had no choice but to straddle it as well. Heard the noise as it made contact with the...
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    2020-2022 Explorer Recall - Roll-Away Events Possible

    The entire issue stinks. Had money down on a 2022 until it was put on "hold" because of the recall. Essence of the issue is Ford has two different rear subframes for the Explorer; one with only one rear attachment bolt (into a large cast boss on the cast aluminum differential cover), the other...