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    NJ drops emissions testing for Pre-OBDII cars!

    Yes they still do the gas cap test. They dropped the whole safety check years ago. I was somewhat against that because of so many people that neglect their cars.
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    NJ drops emissions testing for Pre-OBDII cars!

    I live in NJ and the state pays for each inspection at the state facility. The state facility is run by a private company ( I believe the company is Pearson). With this new rule they are limiting your newer vehicles one inspection so if you fail you have to bring it to a private facility for a...
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    Takata airbag recall.

    I was the OP who inquired about the passenger side airbag and why they were not replacing it. Well as I suspected the passenger side airbag is in fact made by Takata. Received this recall notice below from I think I'm giving up and trading it in for a Tacoma. Check your VIN # folks...
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    Takata airbag recall.

    I find Ford, Chevy, & Dodge always gave me horrible trade in values. Everything they had in the lot is worth a million dollars but what I have was worthless. My wife is fond of Mazda and I have to say their trade ins were always fair.
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    Takata airbag recall.

    Thanks for the info guys. All good info. In case you want to check if you have any open recalls on your car enter your VIN # at this website: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> FWIW for anyone waiting I received my recall notice...
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    Takata airbag recall.

    My 07 Dodge Dakota's driver's side airbag was recalled. I had the recall done by the dealer without any issues but one thing is bothering me and it didnt dawn on me to ask until I left the dealer. Why would only the driver's side airbag be recalled and not the passenger side? I'd have to...
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    Olds 3.8 fires then dies

    +1 Crankshaft Position Sensor 3.8 is notorious for this.
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    Adventures in Oil Recycling/Disposal

    I dump mine at work. I work in a steel processing plant and we dump 1000's of gallons of metalworking fluid and oil from compressors and forklifts every year. I asked the guy who owns the truck that picks up the used oil what they do with it. He said #4 heating oil is made. He said its not...
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    Were these plugs run to lean?

    My '07 Dodge Dakota looked exactly like those plugs. They are the factory plugs and they were worn out at 30,000 miles and had a greenish/yellowish deposit at the tip of the ceramic and the rest of the ceramic was white like yours. For kicks I checked the gap on the used plugs..they were at .050...
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    Mazda 3 splash guard

    Why is it ridiculous? It's not a screw up. I work in manufacturing and inspection points are important in a production line. I change oil on a 2008 mazda 3 and it only takes an extra 5 minutes to take it off and reinstall. Many vehicles have these splash guards/ air dams installed. It seems to...
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    Need advice ford trans

    I agree so far. I'm going to do a few drop and fills. Any additive that could be a benefit? I never had a trans that had mercon v so I'm not familiar with this oil
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    Need advice ford trans

    Hi all. My father in law has a 99 ford f150 and calls for mercon v. The truck has 120000miles and of course the trans was never serviced. He is hesitant to do it because he thinks the trans will go if we flush it. Fluid is not burnt but is discolored. I guess it would be brownish in color...
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    Spark plug update for StevieC

    I've had the Bosch +2 in my 90 corolla for about 30,000 miles so far. No problems with them. I guess it depends it on the car they are in.
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    Brake pad question

    Can't go wrong with Thermoquiets from Wagner. I recently tried them on a Nissan Sentra and they are great. I am actually going to buy them for my Dakota once the OEM pads are done.
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    Early drain of M1 gear oil

    Yea blame the mobil 1 gear oil. Don't look at the fact that you don't know how to make a gasket.
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    Oil Drainplug Crush ring/washers

    Washers? What are those? Fumoto valves on every car I service.
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    PP @ Walmart

    I couldnt believe it. I went to Walmart in my area today and they had PP oil rollback down to $20.00 for the 5 quart jugs.
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    Napa Ultra Premium Rotors

    Im getting sick of the [censored] going on with the automotive industry. I always try to buy Made in USA auto products when I can and I am having the same problem. Outside the box "Made in USA" and inside the part either says "Brazil" or "Canada". I just dont get it.
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    Another brakes thread...Brembo rotors

    I had lots of problems with Brembo rotors in my Honda Accord. They warped VERY easily. Usually within a thousand miles. I even tried turning them twice and they just kept warping. I finally gave up and bought made in China junk rotors and they were fine for the life of the pads. Its hit or miss...
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    Is walmart dex-merc III any good?

    I have the Super Tech Dexmerc III in my 90 toyota corolla for the past 40,000 miles and it still shifts fine. I have 160,000 miles on the car total. I beat the [censored] out of the car and the fluid still looks and smells fine.