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    HVAC Q? Cold air return in half finished basement

    Normally we dont install a return air grill near or on the furnace return air duct, one reason is building code related, we dont want to suck products of combustion or any potential natural gas or propane which is known to be heavier than air and tends to hang low in basements. The second...
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    Quick Set/Inflatable Ring type pools

    if you can find a brand name and or a model number I have a friend in the pool business, perhaps he can help.
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    Thanks to Vandal Alert

    I am glad it all worked out for you!
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    Your pick for Android GPS (driving)

    Will any of these work with my blackberry 9700?
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    Which NEW car to buy, (part two!)

    My dad just bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. His model is not the top of the line but is very comfortable, I drove it aprox 450 miles this weekend, it still has under 1000 miles on it, I got tired of watching the gas gauge not move so i pulled over and filled it up after 188 miles of driving and...
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    How do I get rid of Bamboo growing in my yard?

    Would round up wont kill it?
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    Renting two cars for a trip vs. one minivan?

    I would rent a suburban, I haul a group relitives up north about once a month, every one except myself and my gal are over 80, the suburban is very comfortable and the rental ones I get seem to do 18 mpg easily. My trips are about three hundred miles and last the day.
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    I'm going to be a daddy!

    Congratulations! You are getting the best gift on earth!
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    Got a job...

    congrats Wayne!
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    Bro passed away last week...

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: RTexasF</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Stay close with his wife and children, they need your strength. </div></div> +1 Our Families thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, I wish we had the words to ease your...
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    TomTom XL335TM Newbie

    Sounds abnormal to me, Can't you just email the TomTom forum admid and find out whats up?
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    Amsoil SSO 0W-30, 7477 mi., '08 Subaru WRX STI

    Wasn't the MAF changed and suspect? Or did I miss read that ?
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    Fish grilling basket?

    Those are great tips Drew, thank you! I have only used alum foil so at least I get most of the fish back in the kitchen. I have been a chicken as far as cooking on my grill, I know I can do chicken and any type of pork or beef but I sure would like to expand a bit.
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    New fuel injector or rebuilt?

    Thank you Finalyzd, Fl_Rob, thank you so very much for your well wishes. I talked to that new site sponser that does fuel systems, and he tells me a rebuilt injector is cleaned and a new filter inside the injector is replaced, but they cant do anything electricly with them. so I am going to...
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    My mind is playing tricks on me

    Is your jetta a gls? model? If your having trouble with the transmission shifting the display near the spedo disapears. On my jetta, every thing worked fine except for it shifting into fourth, and I ended up having to replace the ecm which is under the back seat. Six years later and it still...
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    New fuel injector or rebuilt?

    I looked on Rock Autos web site and NAPA's web site and they both offer new or rebuilt. My gut feeling is to buy a new one and follow Quests advice. Given my medical issues I just want to leave my gal with a reliable car.
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    New fuel injector or rebuilt?

    I bought the car at the end of November, and I had intended to keep the car forever, it has 71,000 miles on currently. The fellow I bought the car from had ever record for everything he had ever done to the car, so I need to go look though that file and see when or if the filter was changed...
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    Pipe bomb found during routine maintenance

    umm sweetie have you been over to see your ex today?
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    New fuel injector or rebuilt?

    I have a 2002 Audi A4 quattro wagon with a 1.8 engine with one bad fuel injector. Should I replace all four injectors? should I buy new ones or rebuilt ones? Is there anything else that i should consider doing at the same time? The fuel filter perhaps?
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    Hi-velocity AC systems

    Our company uses a system made by Hi-velocity systems out of Edmonton, Alberta, Ca. they are not hard to install from a techinal stand point, the company has great installation instructions as for duct sizing and placement suggestions for the heads in the rooms you are cooling. Most of these...