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    What Do You Do For A Living?

    Process engineer for semiconductor capital equipment. Specifically, we grow single crystals from molten silicon. This material is then cut into wafers and then manufactured into computer chips or solar cells.
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    Who Knows About Propane Regulators, Pressures, & Heaters ??

    You will only need a standard BBQ type regulator; you may be able to find one with a hose long enough for your needs. These are relatively inexpensive and will provide plenty of BTU capacity at the the right pressure for your heater. Amazon would be a good resource. Add fittings and you are...
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    Best vehicle I ever owned

    In 2008 purchased a 2005 Lexus ES330 for <$16k. Going on ten years of ownership and has only needed an alternator outside of normal maintenance. At 145k miles now and going strong. Not a terribly exciting car, but rock-solid reliable and comfortable. Probably the most economical car I have owned.
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    Impact recommendation

    I have the Ryobi 1/2" 18v impact. It sees rare use but I was impressed that it could remove the wheels from my 2500HD. I already had a bunch of Ryobi tools and batteries, so it was a no-brainer for me.
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    Hard use oil help

    I just purchased a 2013 2500HD with 18k miles having the intent of towing a travel trailer in the near future. It has the 6.0 liter (it is my understanding that the 6.2 is for lighter duty use) and I intend on using dexos certified oil as specified, even when towing. Maybe in a few years I may...
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    Power Inverters

    An inverter connected to the car should be a relatively low powered unit for intermittent or low power devices. Examples are: charging your phones, running your fridge (only a few times during the day), powering your TV, etc. Using a high power inverter to run an AC unit or furnace is asking...
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    Whats your favorite VPN?

    I am using ExpressVPN and I am currently in China using it. My needs are to get through the great firewall of China and this allows me to access Google, Gmail, Amazon Prime, etc. They have a router security product that I have not yet explored.
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    Powerline Adapters

    I purchased a TRENDnet Powerline 500 adapter to connect to the wireless router in the basement, which is connected to the cable modem and network drives. In the second floor bedroom/office I am using the adapter with the integrated 4-port switch to connect a printer, a windows box, and a linux...
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    best tool for stuck oil filters??

    The Lisle tool works great. Sometimes if the filter access is tight I have found that this vice-grip style tool from Harbor Freight works very well. I have had it for years. <a href=""...
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    Need A Generator

    You may consider using an inverter for the limited needs that you described. There is a lot of information here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. There are links to several websites, references, and free audio classes. I found it all very...
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    I have an aneurysm

    My wife had the same symptoms the day after Thanksgiving with the thunderclap headache and pain radiating to her arms and back. About ten minutes after onset, she started throwing-up and would not stop. I called an ambulance. When at the hospital, the cat scan showed that she suffered a...
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    Toyota Loss Settlement - Valid?

    The check I received was $8.97 for my 05 ES330. <img src="/forums/graemlins/sleep.gif" alt="sleep" title="sleep" height="15" width="15" />
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    New Sony BluRay player issue

    I also have a Sony BluRay player that is nearly a year old that does the exact same thing. So.... it must be normal. I believe as well that it is updating the internet apps. When I go directly to my home network DLNA server, there is no delay. We seldom watch BluRay discs; we bought the...
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    Redesign for barebones Raspberry Pi computer

    I thought that I would chime in on using the Raspberry Pi. The features on the B+ makes it a little more user friendly, while keeping the price at $35. I have a RPi model B that I have had in continuous use for more than a year. I run it as a headless file server with 2 - 2tb drives attached...
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    Calling BITOG's Hank Hill, need propane help.

    The OPD valve has an internal POL thread so that you can use the older style connectors without any issue. No adapter is needed and the existing regulator can be used. The POL connector is still used on larger tanks and commercial products. If desired, you can replace the POL connector on the...
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    Inverter or generator?

    The same storm caused about a 30 second power loss at my place. You should check out the following website regarding powering household items from your car. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> The third podcast deals specifically with this issue...
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    Real Estate advice....

    I have lived for most of my life in Washington state. You do not need a real estate attorney, you can have all of the forms filed and filled correctly at an escrow office/title company. They will be able to complete the title docs, file all of the documents with the county, and make the bank...
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    Should I Build A PC?

    I went with a pre-built box a year ago as it seemed to be the better deal. I am not afraid of building from scratch or upgrading and existing box to add what I want, although my needs are simple. This HP box came with an AMD A8 with 6gb ram, 1tb HD, and Win8 (for good or bad....thank you...
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    filter for drinking the water in China

    I just spent a month in China. The hotel provided bottled water and a hot water kettle. I used boiled tap water to make instant coffee in the morning. I did not have any ill effects. The city I was in was rather small, only a half-million people You may wish to check out a local <a...
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    Waffle Maker Recommendations?

    I have a Cuisinart round NON-Belgian maker (I do not like large depressions in a waffle). This has even heat and has worked very well for many years. It has been very forgiving of various recipe enhancements.