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    Honda 0W 20 opinions please

    It's made by Conoco. Same as Kendall. My shop pays $2.25 a quart for syn blend and $3.15 a quart for full syn. Of course we sell it for $5 for blend or $6.50 for full syn
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    Used 2013 Mustang finish?

    Getting your car looking better takes work so if your body can't handle it I'd hire a detailer to do it. If you have a polisher it's not a big deal. Over the counter products that work pretty good are meguiars ultimate polish to remove swirls and their ultimate wax. The meguiars ultimate...
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    favorite OTC Carwash ?

    Duragloss at Napa or Meguiars Ultimate
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    2010 Camry 2.5, AMSOIL OE 0w-20, 8,611 miles

    Cool. I use the signature series in about 10 months service. Mine is more back road driving and I may get 12k out of mine. That's a great report.
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    2010 Camry 2.5, AMSOIL OE 0w-20, 8,611 miles

    How many months was this oil in service? Do you do a lot of highway driving?
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    Collinite 476S

    Just ordered some from detailed image for about $17 with shipping. Haven't tried it before tho
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    Collinite 845 over Meguiars Cleaner Wax

    Use a polish first then the collinite
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    5w-30 in 2014 Camry 2AR-FE

    It will work fine IF you don't have warranty issues
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    Meguiars #21 or Ultimate Wax

    If you have tried either of these which do you like and why? Also as far as durability how long does it last?
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    Amsoil Fuel Stabilizer and Octane Questions

    I just add a couple ounces to my 5 gal can about every other jug
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    Amsoil Fuel Stabilizer and Octane Questions

    My husqvarna mower runs best on 93. The amsoil has markings for measurement. I don't really see a need for fuel stabilizer. I use Quickshot which cleans AND stabilizes
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    2006 Toyota Camry Throttle Body Cleaning at 60,000

    If it is a BG service it is a good service. $155 is too much in my opinion. We charge $120. I personally have a 2010 camry and I use Amsoil Power Foam followed by Amsoil PI or BG 44k
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    Looking to try out a new sealant/wax with wash

    I use meguiars #205, then use meguiars ultimate wax, then a coat of collinite insulator wax all applied by da polisher. Great protection with water just sliding right off
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    Vibration at highway speeds (not alignment)

    Definitely check the bearings
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    Thing of Buying Collinite - Questions

    I would just polish before using it. I use it on my wife's car with dark paint and love it. Bugs fly in to it and just skim right off without sticking lol
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    Thing of Buying Collinite - Questions

    I use it. Do you have a buffer? If so I personally recommend polishing the car with a good polish then applying the collinite
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    My daughter took her Camry to Ford fastlane...

    Yes we dispose of the oil and filter. The only time we charge more if it's a car that takes more than 5 quarts.
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    My daughter took her Camry to Ford fastlane...

    My shop uses amsoil oe 0w20 and we charge $54.95. Profit wise we make about $18.....before I pay the salesman, the tech, really we didn't make anything. As far as if it's a 2010 and newer camry they require a FULL SYNTHETIC 0w20. I called toyota because we also have Kendall 0w20...
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    Amsoil EA discontinued

    Got any proof that these other oils are as good or better? Not saying they aren't but where's the proof. Yeah some may be but some target oils such as the high zinc racing oils etc can't always be obtained at Walmart. I don't pay more for amsoil because I THINK it's better cause I pay more. I...