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    Rotella T6 turned into jelly

    your kidding right ? T6 is used in SCR engines all the time
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    OLM vs annual change - Duramax with DELO 400 15W-40 in it

    I would just take it on an hour trip and call it a day. Get the oil hot enough to cook off any water and you should be fine.
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    2015 Ford F250 6.7 PSD - 134K miles on Delo 400 LE 5W40

    the DEF is is for the SCR which exists downstream of the DPF and doesn't participate i a regen at all , however the Diesel Oxidation catalyst burns a lot of the soot before it hits the DPF. I think the SCR allows for different operations conditions in the DOC leading to a reduced duty cycle on...
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    Amalgamated tdr-fl

    since lubrication is my primary concern I just ordered some Exergy additive, I have been running hot shots secret which scores highly in lubrication testing and seems to have allowed for a nice long regen interval as well. Hopefully the more lubricious Exergy additive also makes for a nice long...
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    What diesel oils were available in the 50's and 60's

    now mobil has merged with exxon recreating SOCONY ( that was split up in to Exxon and Mobil) Standard Oil Company of New York AKA the Rockafeller empire.
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    LML Duramax Delo 15w40 Isosyn

    Anyone care to opine on the lead and aluminum levels ? Driving was mostly (75%) highway with some maybe 1500-2000 miles towing
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    Delvac, Delo, Rotella, or Kirkland 15w-40

    while all this pour point data is great, I've owned a durmax for probably 10 years now living in New England and you can hear the difference between 15W40 and 5w40 on a cold ( like 10 or below -13 C) morning. Not exactly scientific method but cold starts get a lot quieter a lot quicker with the...
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    Delo 400 SDE 15w-40 Pour Point?

    Somewhat unrelated but Irving oil does the same thing with their diesel fuel in the winter. Low cloud points with no additives
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    Audi ATF Change Advice

    I am thinking about doing a drain and refill on my new to me 2009 A4 with the 6 speed tiptrionic. based on what I have read here and a bit of common sense it would seem that I could just measure the amount of fluid drained out and pump in an equivalent amount and be good. Has any body tried...
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    Mobil 1 filters

    I think the K&N and mobile one are the same filter. look closely at both of them. same part numbering scheme, same look, same numbers stamped in to the filter, same steel tube inside,same weight etc. the mobile one filter is usually a few dollars cheaper I personally dont care about cost. its...
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    AEM Dryflow filters

    I could be wrong, but the last time I looked up the filter for my truck it was the same for all of the engine options