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    E4od 4x4 fluid best?

    yes, torque converter has a drain from factory but not the pan, but ive got a deep sump derele with drain plug. ive sucked it out via the fill tube before instead of dropping the pan, but ive got the drain now. i can't seem to find mobil1 atf locally, its either valvoline, house brand, and...
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    Ford 6r80 transmission overheating on track after fluid swap - mercon L to LV the culprit? fluid recommendation? dying transmission?

    i assume A is for cold and B is for warm, and your problem went away when you took some fluid out so that its in the middle of the A when warm? its hard to think that one extra quart would be all it took to throw the transmission of that many quarts does it hold? i would think...
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    How hot is too hot for Mercon V ATF?

    i swore i read that trans temps can exceed 600* under heavy loads, during severe use (in certain areas), and the thermal chemicals added were to help protect the fluid during high spikes to keep it form breaking down. this fluid is whats cooling the hot part for a milisecond, or in a stream...
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    E4od 4x4 fluid best?

    lol, yeah i guess so.......but i can't remember the fluid used before the last one, which was mobil1. i think it was just house brand from autozone, but i can't remeber. and the pan does have a drain plug but i always dropped the pan to inspect the trans, replace the filter, clean the magnet and...
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    E4od 4x4 fluid best?

    these are my local options for the best price but the blue bottle just says mercon? The Walmart high mileage says not to use where meron V is specd'
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    E4od 4x4 fluid best?

    I have a 95 f150 4x4 w/350k+ miles on the original transmission, was wondering what fluid is best? A lot of posts are old as well as spec sheets but looks like mercon 5? Last fill was Mobil 1, but doesn't say mercon I've got the factory trans cooler, bypassed the radiator and a derale deep...