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    12 month Interval on oil ?

    I usually go 12 months OCI on each vehicle and average about 10,000 miles at 12 months except the 1993 p/u which gets about 2,000 miles. I sent samples from each vehicle to Blackstone Labs and they all came back saying I can go another 10,000 miles. I just change it out along with a new filter...
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    Toyota A750E/F Do-It-Yourself Transmission Flush

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by RyanY</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by anndel</div><div class="ubbcode-body">WS or Type IV for my 2014 Taco Prerunner 4.0L V6? ALLDATA says Type...
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    Toyota A750E/F Do-It-Yourself Transmission Flush

    WS or Type IV for my 2014 Taco Prerunner 4.0L V6? ALLDATA says Type IV and looks like screenshot of the FSM. Specs for the A750E transmission, Yuotube and the tacomaworld link says WS.
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    Flare wrenches

    I have the Snap-on set. Sometimes when I'm too lazy to get then I use the 6 point socket on a 1/4 in drive ratchet.
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    Is carnauba dead?

    Finish Kare High Temp (1000 P) once a year. Meguiar's Xpress Spray Detailer once a month after a wash. The garage queen is experimenting with Turtle Wax Ice Spray and I'm impressed with the deep shine and longevity. Just bought another bottle from Amazon as they've been out of stock at my...
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    How many years of oil do you keep?

    None. When it's time for a change I go and pick up oil and filter for that vehicle only. No room in the garage to store additional oils.
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    Wheel bearing grease discussion

    Timken, Valvoline, Amsoil, Red Line - I used all of these with great results. I don't care for Mobil 1 as they not only melt in the grease guns but in the U and ball joints.
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    Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

    1993 Toyota 4x4 pickup, 4 cylinder 22R-E engine with 164,001 miles. Always on Amsoil SS 10W-30 and Amsoil filter since day 1 except a couple of times when my dealer was sick or traveling.
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    Broken sway bar bolt

    Like others mentioned, heat or welding a nut to it.
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    Graphene the next detailing protection

    Collinite 845 is my graphene.
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    what is logic for changing oil every year? (Even if driven 0 miles)

    In my 1993 Toyota pickup that get's maybe 500-1000 miles per year, after about 2 years I sent a sample to Blackstone Labs for UOA and it came back like new. They told me it could go to 8000 miles though it was only about 1100 miles on the Mobil 1 HM and I used a Toyota OEM filter which I...
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    China's bid to challenge Boeing and Airbus falters

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by 4WD</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I have been saying for over 10 years … if you require cheap labor to make something … give me Mexico any day</div></div> Same here, I'd buy Made in Mexico first waaaay before...
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    Fram Ultra - beating a dead horse.

    Just changed the oil in our 2014 Toyota Tacoma. After unscrewing the Fram Ultra filter, I noticed a black plastic piece in the oil filter housing blocking one of the oil ports. It appeared to have been mounted on the bypass filter. I took out a brand new Fram Ultra and looked in with a light...
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    Free Alternatives to TeamViewer?

    I have the same issue with them and went through the trouble of TV reviewing my account only to have them say I am using it for commercial purposes. I only use TV to control a laptop that's connected to my ham radio equipment and operate digital modes with ham radio. This all started after the...
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    Pricing of synthetic oil

    Absolutely correct! The environmental activists were pushing a bill in the Hawaii state legislature and they even passed a bill that died in committee to ban all fossil fuel vehicles and go EV here in Hawaii. These people don't even have a clue that mining lithium for the batteries damages and...
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    Safety feature they all missed

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by bdcardinal</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I would mostly be happy if people would use their turn signals. </div></div> Really??? I thought only driver's in Hawaii don't use their blinkers when turning or speeding up to...
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    RIP Ric Ocasek

    RIP Ric Ocasek. Ric and Ben are together again.
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    Rock Auto Frustration Vent

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by FordBroncoVWJeta</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sounds more like a USPS issue than a Rock Auto issue.</div></div> Guess I'm spoiled with If this were the case with Amazon, I would cancel and they would...
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    Rock Auto Frustration Vent

    Rant On. I ordered a power steering return (suction) hose for my 2005 Toyota Avalon along with a couple of cabin air filters from Rock Auto. Notification showed it was shipped USPS on April 3, 2019. I kept checking the tracking on Rock Auto (RA) and USPS's website and it was shipped from RA's...
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    Best Oil filter Toyota 2GR-FKS 3.5L V6

    I ran Toyota OEM filters and UOAs show oils could go longer but I change the oil and filter once per year on all our vehicles. I still have OEMS that I buy the case from an online dealer but also use Fram Ultra, NAPA Gold, NAPA Platinum, Amsoil, Mobil 1 filters with no issues. Both trucks use...