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    Will Liquid Castile Soap Clog Drains?

    Castile soap is made with vegetable oil and lye. Originally it was made with olive oil, but now most often less expensive palm or coconut oil (Dr. Bronners uses mostly palm oil). Traditionally "regular" soap is made with animal fats (usually tallow) and lye, but now is made mostly with...
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    People blocking charging stations.

    That's easy to answer: the increased supply needed is well within the traditional increase in electric demand. It's easy to forget that electric demand rapidly increased with the addition of electric lighting, electric appliances, air conditioning, and increased electric heating. Many areas...
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    Kona EV long Uber ride

    The Model S used to be very popular for heavy Uber drivers. It included free charging in the price, and had plenty of range to allow planning the charging time as a break. The high purchase price doesn't make sense for the lower-hour Uber driver, where the Prius was ubiquitous. But for...
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    How to remove broken caliper bracket bolt?

    In my experience, rotor hold-down screws have a black oxide finish. They are also hard to the point of being brittle, making them extremely difficult to drill out. Pros usually just take a sledge to the brake rotor, breaking off the head, then leave the screw stub in place. People like me are...
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    Can burning too much oil cause a Cat not to set?

    OBD2 introduced the requirement that emissions status be retained across power failures. This requirement was a combination of experience with the original OBD, where disconnecting the battery was used as a quick cheat, and the new availability of inexpensive high-cycle-life EEPROMs. That...
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    A bad day at work and another frivolous law suit

    Several 1980s-1990s Getrag and ZF manual transmissions, typically used on European cars, had neutral safety switches. They used the same type of switch as the reverse circuit. Sometimes it was exactly the same switch connector, which could lead to mistaken wiring. (Only starts in reverse...
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    Most you ever went on a factory fill?

    In the late 1990s, almost a quarter century ago, BMW switched to an initial oil change interval of 15K miles. Oils have improved since then.
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    Replace these trailer wheel studs?

    The classic advice of using a wire wheel or wire brush is simpler and better. Electrolysis cleans the surface to bright metal, but leaves embedded hydrogen. That's bad on a stressed stud -- you don't to risk crack formation
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    Replace these trailer wheel studs?

    They look rough but likely serviceable. I would replace them and use new lug nuts if inexpensive. Edit: Dorman 610-390 looks like the equivalent. Amazon has them for $20/10. Old-school part stores might have them for individually for about the same price.
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    Floodlights with no wall switch

    Since there is already 120 VAC, there is little reason to be especially concerned about power consumption as you might be with a solar powered light LEDs are typically 1/8 to 1/10 the power for the same light output. For a security light the inherent directionality of LEDs adds to the...
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    Truck in shop closed by Covid

    You can shorten that time frame considerably. The initial reports from a year ago that said "days on surfaces" were based on detectability. We now are fairly certain that the virus is non-viable within minutes in normal conditions, even if the RNA can be matched for several days. The "spikes"...
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    Floodlights with no wall switch

    Some older motivation activated floodlight fixtures had a slide switch to control the mode, but that's no longer the best solution. If you are going to the effort to replace the fixture, you should update to a LED floodlight with a remote control. It might seem silly to have a remote control...
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    Audi stops ICE development? Wow...

    Exactly the point I was going to make, including that example. Plus Audi is only one part of VWAG. They might already have been planning to shift new engine development to other divisions to avoid duplication. There is no obligation for PR announcements to reflect the actual reason for a change.
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    New Tesla SW release - freeway lanes

    We know some details of the first widely-published accident. The initial news reporting implied that it was a Tesla self-driving crash, but that is not the case. A 22 year old male with a suspended license was driving at high speed in the early morning hours, with a 21 year old female who was...
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    New Tesla SW release - freeway lanes

    You only think that it can tell you about the surrounding traffic. Your brain is telling you that it knows where everything is, but in reality it only knows what is happening in the narrow cone you are focusing on at the time. Machine vision is not yet as good as human image recognition, but...
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    Rebuilt salvage cars

    I can see a few scenarios where someone can repair a vehicle for substantially less than the insurance company estimates. An insurance company won't take on the liability of installing used airbags, and has to include new parts in the estimate. A guy doing repairs on the side won't have that...
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    Checking out neighbours lawn mower

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by WyrTwister</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I pretty much replace the spark plug and change the oil on our mower each spring . And often replace the air filter . All as preventative maintenance .</div></div>...
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    ROCKAUTO selling old expired stock.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the expiration date. Rockauto is always a dice roll. Consider anything you buy from them as-is. It's probably ancient stock from a closed warehouse. Even if it's unusable or the wrong part, they'll refuse a return. Build that into your buying decision: only...
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    check your dryer duct periodically!

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by CincyDavid</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I don't know that I've ever used a clothesline in all of my 53 years...</div></div> We dry clothes outside for most of the year. That's because we have the room and the weather...
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    Gripe with MB dealership

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by MaximaGuy</div><div class="ubbcode-body">There is nothing that my parts guy where I service my Lexus & Toyota wouldn't give me over the phone!! In-fact the parts guy out here in Charles Maund Toyota pulls up his...