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    new oil

    Iam using valvoline high mileage right now. Thinking of switching to m1
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    new oil

    what oil should I switch to? I have a 96 ford contour with a 116,000 miles on it. It is a 4 cyl.-2.0 litre engine. Thank you
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    abs light and autozone

    Does autozone check abs lights for codes or is it just check engine lights?
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    abs is very sensitive

    my car is a 96 ford contour. The abs light comes almost everytime I drive. It starts thumping usually when I turn corners. I can here the abs sytem kick on. Does autozone check abs lights for codes.
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    what oil?

    I have a 1996 Contour with a 116,000 miles. I have been using high mileage valvoline, but I was thinking of going over to mobil 1. Isthis a good idea?
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    abs is very sensitive

    My abs is having a sensitivity problem. When I take corners or go over small bumps it activates and makes a noise until I come to a complete stop. I went to the Ford dealership and they said I would need a new abs core is this sound about right. Thank you