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    Adding additive to full tank

    Several times I have circumstances when I would like to put an additive into the tank when the tank was already filled [by wife for instance or not available at time of fill up]. Most additive directions say add product then fill tank. I assume this is because they want the fuel to wash additive...
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    Supertech oil who makes it now

    After reading all these posts, aside from some personal negative opinions, I see nothing that says Super Tech, as long as it meets all the specs for ones vehicle, is fine to use. Do I read this correctly?
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    Driveworks Filter Quality

    I picked up the deal at AA today. I saw the offer to change to a Puralator filter for $2. I told the salesman as we were looking up the filter part numbers for my Jeep GC that if the Driveworks was a smaller filter then I would go with the Puralator. They both were the same size and the rubber...
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    Driveworks Filter Quality

    I picked up a couple comments off the review site for Advance Auto. The negatives posted were for a misformed rubber seal, metal shavings that the reviewer said matched the threaded portion but cost him an engine even after removing and changing filter. [who knows??] and a comment or two that...
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    Driveworks Filter Quality

    I could not believe I could not find this filter in the search function but the only reference was relative to the same reason I asked the question. The sale at Advance Auto for 5 qts Havoline syn and a Driveworks filter for $20. There were a couple of negative remarks but no facts. So what is...
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    Anybody ever used Star Tron for E10 Problems?

    I can tell you, based on discussions on a boating forum, where a Star Tron Rep has participated, that the product was not intended to and cannot remove any large amounts of water. It will help with moisture in the fuel line but that is it. Its main function is to stabilize ethanol fuel. It is...
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    Super Tech vs Mobil 1 synthetic.

    I have an 09 CTS 3.6 DI. The oil cap states Mobil 1 and I have used it up to the current 62K miles. I buy it in Walmart but on my last visit I put both brands on the shelf and read the specs. They seem to be exactly the same. The price difference,in that I need to buy a 5 qt jug plus a qt, is...
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    Synthetic oil percent in semisynthetics?

    Thanks for the replies. Did not realize the confusion that exists in the market place. For example, it was mentioned above that someone had seen info on the Pennzoil site that indicated it was a 50% blend so I checked it out and found out why confusion exists. Pennzoil's Gold is their synthetic...
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    Synthetic oil percent in semisynthetics?

    I thought I would find this in the search function but had no luck. Is there a minimum requirement for the amount of synthetic in a oil labeled "synthetic blend"? Can they put a teaspoon and call it a blend? Are the percentages listed anywhere for comparison?
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    RainX Removal

    I was cleaning my windshield the other day and found that, in just the right light, I could see water spots especially outside of the wiper sweep. No problem I thought just bring out the vinegar. It did nothing. Then I wondered if the RainX I had used a few weeks ago could have locked in the...
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    Injector Cleaner?

    For what it is worth I found Techron at WalMart this week with a $2 instant coupon attached to the bottle neck which brings the cost at the register to under $5.
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    semi-synthetic question

    Thanks for the replies. The Motorcraft semi-syn 5-20 was $18 for 5 qts at WalMart so that is what I purchased. The other deciding factor was that my Jeep uses 5-20 which is not available in all brands.
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    semi-synthetic question

    I have a new to me 2008 3.7 Jeep Grand Cherokee 61k. It is a second vehicle and receives minimal use. In the Jeep I replaced I always used full synthetic due to the cold weather startup advantage more than anything. I recently read an article where 2 experts discussed synthetics advantage. One...
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    Glass Cleaner

    I have used a lot of glass cleaner products over the years but the most important tip I was given was to use crumpled black & white newspaper to remove the glass cleaner.
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    Tire Shine Products

    I usually have purchased the least expensive spary on tire shine. Formally I used the foaming type but recently purchased a non foaming that provides the right amount of shine. I noticed when reading the ingredient label however that it contains acetone. I assume that is the carrying agent but...
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    Water Remover Question

    I knew this would evolve to "excessive" water. I am really interested in whether a "maintenance dose" is necessary or worthwhile doing. When my Jeep did miss a little Ithe water remover corrected the problem although I had no idea how it got any water in the tank. A boat with its open syatem is...
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    Water Remover Question

    This question concerns both my boat and SUV concerning using a water remover product. We are told not to use a water remover product that contains alcohol in ethanol gas because adding alcohol to alcohol just creates more problem yet Stabil has a water remover labeled for both regular and...
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    Techron and Direct Injection

    So far I am not getting the feeling that my money is well spent using Techron in DI engines. I don't think I need to worry about the fuel gauge sensor in the tank fouling. The only question seems to be as to whether it helps keep the fuel injectors clean and ,again, some say that because they...
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    Techron and Direct Injection

    I have always used Techron but now have a CTS with 3.6 DI engine and some folks have been telling me that with a DI engine I am wasting my money using Techron. Would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
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    Switch from 5w-20 to 5w-30

    Since this thread involves 5/20 vs 5/30w, AGAIN, I am still confused of whether to use the reccomended 5/20 in my Jeep 3.7 or 5/30 which several studies have shown to give better engine life. Supposedly, and the opinions vary, the 5/20w suggested by many manufacturers was to help with fuel...