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    Pray for the families of the Nashville school shootings.

    Mental health services are needed badly . I could say more but id probably get banned. Prayers for all involved .
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    10w-40 in Jeep 4.0

    The Jeep dealer i worked at for 15yrs always used 10w40 in the 4.0 Jeeps
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    2023 Dodge Challenger Demon 170

    So the clowns that buy them ,can drive like bigger clowns.ZERO need for 6,7,800+ hp in a street car. Ans most of the people that buy them have NO clue how to handle a car with that much power.
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    I love when this happens

    No surprise there when you consider what changed the oil last.
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    Post your Gas Mileage : Calculated

    17 Tundra, 13.491 gals 239 miles 17.7 mpg up from 15.4 mpg the fill up prior.
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    Does Anyone Buy Generic Products ?

    2022-2023 happened . Nothing is cheap anymore unfortunately.
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    31% of new cars sold for above sticker price last month. These 10 models have the biggest premiums

    ***** @2595 for ceramic coating .300 for mirror caps covered .insanity
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    Painting Brake Calipers

    This. It works great and lasts very good. I touch mine up in the spring and fall .Keeps the rust away here tin the salt mines of CT
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    Help me pick out suspension for 14 Tundra TRD if you havent already been there.
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    Photos of Amazon Rivian Van in action

    Right. The vans around my area look like they have been in demo derby.Hardly a str8 panel to be found on them
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    Ordered 2023 Rav 4 Hybrid today!!!

    9 Months ?? thats crazy
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    Preference: Charcoal or no?

    Ive used both and noticed zero difference
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    A cold morning in Southern Vermont Green Mountains.

    My 17 Tundra did the exact same thing .Long crank and it was whining and screeching like all the pulleys pumps and bearings where about to seize lol.
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    40th Anniversary Edition 4Runner.

    Stripes are a no. Bronze wheels ... meh they're ok
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    What happens to old pallets?

    We get dump truck loads ,trailer loads you name it at my work.We bust them up and push them into the demo pile ,into the trailer and off to the landfill they go with the 35 tons of other trash.
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    Favorite YouTuber?

    Wes is a good guy .Humble hard working.Ive learned a lot from watching him.
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    Garage door cam help

    Nice.Mine is 2008-10 model i believe so it has the sensors on it and they work.
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    Garage door cam help

    Looking for some help/ suggestions on a garage door cam / remote (cell phone) operated monitor . I go to work early AM and every now and then i get few miles out and cant remember if i closed the door and have to turn around and drive all the way back. Elderly mom lives with me and shes not good...
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    Can tires flat spot overnight?

    Mine flatspot overnight and really bad when its super cold. Continental Terrain contact at .