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    Reno Air Races Gone Forever

    you're the exception, not the rule.
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    Reno Air Races Gone Forever

    There are numerous factors for lower interest in mechanical toys. The cost of living relative to income. lower rural population, cant have large toys as a kid if you live in a concrete jungle. cheap electrical manufacturing making new gizmos cheaper and easier to get. fewer two parent...
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    Broken IPhone Screen

    i would get the most reputable screen i could. the aftermarket screens floating around ebay and amazon are not the same quality that came on your phone. also your phone will know if you install an aftermarket screen and it may disable face id. i would tread very carefully here.
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    Best heavy duty adhesive remover?

    goo gone. ive never seen anything it couldn't pull. ymmv.
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    Adding a missing trans dipstick to a 2021 GMC HD

    while i don't think you are doing any damage to the transmission, adding a dipstick. the lack of a dipstick does keep the fluid from oxidizing. when there is an opening to the atmosphere the air does age the fluid sooner than if the unit was sealed. just my .02.
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    This guy says pre-mix is a scam.

    its always better to buy concentrate and distilled water. that way you know its 50/50.
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    Dish Network meltdown

    companies are going to learn one way or another to be prepared with backups for situations like this. we had it happen to my company, people lost a days worth of work. luckily it was fixed in about a day, because we had an offsite encrypted backup.
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    End of an era... 2007 Impala

    my dad had a 2005 impala maroon with the gray interior, company car had it for a couple years. he didnt like because he had the grand prix before that and he seemed to like driving that car much better. i had a 2005 grand prix, drove it from 2007 to 2018 and put 140k miles on it. traded it 250k...
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    Do you always, usually, or rarely torque bolts to spec?

    i follow the rule of does this bolt hold something that requires a certain amount of pressure to function, then yes ill use a torque wrench. most things this is not true and just being snug is perfectly adequate.
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    Reminder to inspect oil bottles when buying at walmart.

    i tend to buy online from rock auto, better selection and reasonable prices.
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    YouTube Mechanics

    sadly because YouTube is a business it will inevitably turn into what vehicle cable shows turned into, one long advertisement. basically every segment is a plug for some product or service. you learn absolutely nothing.
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    Thoughts on 2022 Lexus RX 350?

    we have a 21 rx 350, we have none of the issues mentioned above about transmission issues, idling issues, drive feel, etc. My only real complaint is the gas mileage. its avgs 21 running around town with some highway. they infotainment was updated and works great, has both pad and touch. pad has...
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    German public now favors extending life of Nuclear power plants

    now that they are burning wood for heat, sensible energy policy is a concern. funny how that works.
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    Pausing After Key On Before Cranking

    probably your gas cap. only other thing is maybe charcoal canister. neither are that important.
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    Pausing After Key On Before Cranking

    the f150 with direct injection will prime the fuel system when i open the door, i can hear and feel the in tank fuel pump pulsing to prime and bring the system up to pressure.
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    Favorite option you’ll have to have

    I've found on the led headlight in halogen housings that the newer the vehicle the better they work. its the 2000s cars with led retrofits the scatter the light terribly. and the square body z71s, they scatter the light so bad it looks like there isn't hardly any beam coming out, they look like...
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    Ford 2.7 eco boost engine owners: what oil filter are you using?

    lol. you can always tell who the arm chair engineers are. tell that to the all the people who had trouble with their trucks because they had the wrong oil filter in their 6 liters.
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    Ford 2.7 eco boost engine owners: what oil filter are you using?

    i understand the injection system is different. the point i was making is when the filter is a canister style it is very important to use the correct size filter. in the case of the 2.7 the valve timing is oil pressure dependent. so a filter that is operating incorrectly could effect the valve...
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    Ford 2.7 eco boost engine owners: what oil filter are you using?

    Be careful about using aftermarket filter in a ford product. lots of 6.0 guys had injector issued because the oil filter was not the right size and the oil flow was incorrect. it has the be the exact same size for the bypass to work properly.
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    Water Heater Gas Valves...

    i recently replaced a 18 year old a.o smith with state. it was right at 700 out the door for the natural gas model. it has no electricity running to it. i installed it black Friday and so far so good. it has the blinking light to tell you what is going on. every once in a while i go check it...