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    No 0w- in high performance engines?

    I'm going to try the Amsoil 0w30 for next my oil change and see how the UOA comes back. I have been using Joe Gibbs LS30 and the TBN is at 1.7 after 4600 miles which concerned me. Nothing else was out of spec on the 2 UOA's I have ran on this new engine.
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    No 0w- in high performance engines?

    I called Amsoil tech line today to inquire about their recommendation for my High Performance LS engine with high pressure valve springs, 11:1 compression and high RPM usage.I specifically asked about the difference,in protection between 0w30 5w30 and 10w30. I was told there is no loss or gain...
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    LockNLube Coupler

    Is it expensive? Yes, for what it is. Does it work well? Yes. Would I buy it again? Absolutely.
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    What to use on water pump bolts

    Permatex #2 👍. Been using it for 40 years on bolt threads.
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    gmt800 to gmt900 brake swap

    I used the stock master cylinder. ABS is fully functional. Go to or You Tube. There are a number of posts on how to do the conversion. My conversion has been on for almost 2 years and there have been 0 problems. If you buy from a salvage yard you can get the Hydroboost...
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    gmt800 to gmt900 brake swap

    Night and day difference. The stock brakes always felt marginal since the truck was new. The cost ? I did all the work myself and purchased a used Hydroboost unit and brake pedal. I'm going going to say yes it was worth it. I now have confidence in my stopping power. Never had that before. No...
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    gmt800 to gmt900 brake swap

    I installed Raybestos loaded calipers and rotors front and rear from a 2008 Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle on my 01 Silverado and it was a direct fit. You will need 17" wheels at a minimum. I also converted from vacuum assist to Hydroboost and replaced all the brake hoses with braided stainless ...
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    What's everyone's favorite wax while you dry?

    Duragloss Aquawax. Not easy to find locally since Carquest went away but readily available on line. Works the best out all I have tried and does have some durability as well. Great Coconut smell.
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    Torsen gear oil

    Recently installed an Eaton Truetrac in my Silverado and filled with Motul 80w90. Truetrac works fantastic.
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    BG oil additive

    The warranty is from BG not the dealer. You get the warranty when you purchase and continue to use the BG product.
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    mineral base oils better in gear oils?

    Getting ready to install an Eaton Truetrac in my 01 Silverado 10 bolt rear axle. The truck has 236,000 miles and I have used synthetic in it exclusively. The fluid has been serviced every 50,000 miles. Eaton recommends Mineral based gear oil for optimum performance and I have Motul 80w90 I am...
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    Volvo XC 60 Oil Recomendation

    I am a new poster here and I recently purchased a 2010 Volvo XC 60 with the 3.0 turbo motor. The owners manual calls for an A3/B4 oil spec. My question is, would a 0W40 with the later A5/B5 spec be acceptable or should I run a 0W30 with the A3/B4 spec? The manual shows a 0w40 is ok to run but I...
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    GM 5.3 owners - MPG and Iridium plug question.

    15-16 combined on my 01 Silverado. Has 187k on it and the mpg has been consistent since new in 01.
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    LT vs P rated tires on trucks and treadwear?

    My 01 Silverado 1/2 ton 4x4 had 265/75/16's on it originally. I replaced with Mich. LT 265/75/16. New tires have over 40k on them and are wearing great. I have been running them at 36 psi,factory recommended pressure listed on the door placard. Does the LT tire recommended pressure increase...
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    2013 Vw CC

    Be sure to rotate the tires every 5k. The CC's are prone to rear tire wear (cupping). Your Carefree maintenance plan will only pay to rotate the tires every 10k.That is too long to go on this car.