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    Upcoming transmission work - Toyota Truck

    Yeah, I know this a little "out there" for most people, but IF there were an auto transmission hall of fame, the A340 would surely be there. So would the GM TH350/400, the Chrysler Torqueflite, and the Ford C6. I've never had this kind of mileage from an original automatic transmission with only...
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    Upcoming transmission work - Toyota Truck

    My 1995 T100 is exhibiting symptoms of failing solenoids in the A340E transmission. After 468k miles, it doesn't surprise me. Specifically, of the three solenoids the first gear and OD lockup ones are failing. Symptoms included not shifting to low at a stop, the "OD Off" light flashing on the...
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    how good are tecumseh small engines

    My last Tecumseh was probably 15 years ago. They had the softest flywheel keys of any engine I've ever seen. You'd probably shear 3-4 of them per season and never hit anything with the blade. It was as if the act of pull starting the engine was enough to shear the key. That was reason enough to...
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    SR-71 V-8 Startup!

    Simply amazing. The audio is quite good. Were these the nailheads or the BBC's or do you know? I can see why there were only a few bases that supported SR-71's around the world - not every base would have that kind of hardware. Beale AFB, RAF Mindenhall (if I recall correctly) and Kadena in...
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    Help me diagnose a bad CV joint

    The classic symptom of an outer CV going bad (known as the Rzeppa joint) is clicking especially on turns. This is caused by the multiple balls developing excess clearance against the cage that contains them. This usually happens as a result of a torn boot, grease loss and then water or dirt...
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    06 Focus - replaced engine mount -quiet!

    Yeah, it's the one that locates under the coolant catch tank. The big U shaped casting with the black donut beneath. I don't know how far into the Focus years this has been a problem, but 05, 06 and 07's are known for it.
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    06 Focus - replaced engine mount -quiet!

    Symptoms - rattling throughout the dash plastic on startup, worse when cold. New mount went in last night. It's like a lot of things you live with over time and don't realize how bad it is until it's replaced. Rubber isolator collapsed and with mount to frame contact throughout. Bought mine from...
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    Rounded bolt removal

    Come to think of it, if the bolt is smooth on top, you can cut a slot halfway across the diameter of the hex head that's fairly deep and engage it with a cold chisel and knock it loose that way. Been there too. A way, if thought through almost always accompanies a will.
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    Rounded bolt removal

    Vice Grips have saved me many times in situations like this.
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    Lawnboy with an F series engine. The most bulletproof engine they made. All SP models are RWD. Keep good 2 stroke oil mixed with with gas at 40:1 ratio (3oz oil per gallon), clean and reoil the foam air filter once a season. It will outlast you. Does not smoke unless theres something drastically...
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    Trouble checking generator hertz

    The only way to "look" at the waveform is with an oscilloscope across the output. You can check for noise, etc. that way. But, as mentioned, 59.6 is close enough. Perfect is the mortal enemy of good enough.
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    Any Saab's worth buying?Is there any reliability

    My brother had a 2000 9-5 wagon. It was one of the most problematic cars I've ever seen. Blown turbo, constant ignition cassette issues. Even changing the serp. belt on that was was a major PITA. Steer clear.
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    Trust Your Feeler Gauges?

    Oil on the blades of a new set of feelers has caused many of the thinner ones to stick together, giving false readings. I try to fan out a new set and wipe each blade with degreaser to avoid surface tension stickiness.
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    why do mowers use paper air filters?

    I have 15 lawnboy 2 cycles. All F and D engines. Not a paper filter among them. All oiled foam. Clean it at the beginning of each season w soap and water, squeeze, let dry. Reoil with a small amount of 30 weight oil, squeeze, reinstall. I think if any engine would be sensitive to dirty air, a 2...
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    1978 Yamaha XS750

    Had an 81 XS850. Same engine, just larger. I ran Rotella 15-40 in mine and all was sell. The shared sump will shear the oil quickly though.
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    Victory is going racing.

    Matt Smith's problem this past weekend was a red shop rag left in an intake runner that got shredded when he started the motor for first round eliminations. He had qualified #1 at Florida. BTW, if you didn't see it, Smith was MAD. Pure inattention to detail.
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    Sad Toyota ... Really Sad. Not like the ol days

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mongo161</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I guess...YMMV....My 1997 Toyota 4Runner, V6, SR5, 4WD, Made in Japan, is still pounding away with over 300K on the odometer. Ony recall that I've had was for the wiring harness...
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    Clean and/or soak piston rings. Inline honda 4cyl?

    If the rings were stacked wrong, you'd have noticed this a lot sooner than 200K.
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    What if jack stands fail?

    The first pair of stands I had were just as an earlier poster described. Round tubing with a flat plate welded on top and the height adjustment was secured with a pin on a chain that pushed though both holes in the base and adjustable upper piece. I was never comfortable using them and pitched...
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    Crown vic problem

    My Dad's '97 Thunderbird was acting similar. The solution was to find and fix vacuum leaks. Not hard to do. Anything rubber around the intake manifold is suspect. In my case, the PCV grommet in the valve cover had become rock hard with age. I replaced it and all other vacuum lines and that...